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Last Wednesday, October 25, I hosted Microsoft’s second Azure OpenDev with Seth Juarez, and we loved the community support and response! Azure OpenDev is a live technical series featuring community leaders demonstrating how to utilize open source technologies with Azure. This episode was centered around DevOps, and we are very thankful for the participation from GitHub, CloudBees, Chef, HashiCorp, and Elastic that made this event possible.

If you have not participated yet, watch all the Azure OpenDev sessions now on-demand for free!

My journey to Go and open source contribution

I kicked things off with my own personal journey to Go software development. I started in software development later in my career. While I was cutting Python code and working at Rackspace, I met Steve Francia, a Gopher who would completely change my trajectory. I wanted to share with all of you my lessons learned as well as tips on how you can get involved as a contributor in the open source world.

Learning from our OSS Partners

We were then joined by some absolute rock star engineers, architects, and developer advocates from some of our OSS partners. Some fancy camera magic was required at times…


Backstage at OpenDev, Ashley McNamara debunks the magic and mystery of the camera with R. Tyler Croy and Nic Jackson.

  • Ryan Parks, Solutions Engineer at GitHub, highlighted how you can implement InnerSource development to take advantage of open source development practices internally at your business.
  • Tyler Croy, Director of Evangelism at CloudBees and Jenkins project board member, showed us how the Jenkins project is combining Jenkins, Puppet, and Terraform to provision and manage their own core infrastructure on Azure.
  • Matt Wrock, Software Developer at Chef, demonstrated how you can use Habitat to define your application, repackage, and deploy it across different environments.
  • Nic Jackson, Developer Advocate at HashiCorp, showed us how Terraform helps to deploy repeatable infrastructure on Azure. Later, Vicki Cheung, Head of Infrastructure at OpenAI, joined Nic to show how OpenAI is using Terraform to provision and manage machine learning environments with Kubernetes on Azure.
  • Christoph Wurm, Principal Solutions Architect at Elastic, wrapped things up by showing how you can use the Elastic stack on Azure. He was joined by Anshul Kumar, Director of Big Data at McKesson, who shared his experiences and best practices for implementing Elastic on Azure.

Try these solutions out on Azure yourself

As a part of OpenDev, we released a stack of documentation updates, including how to set up Elastic Stack, an article about deploying to Azure App Service in our Jenkins hub, and an all new Terraform hub with many great articles on provisioning VM Scale Sets and creating Highly-Available VM clusters. 


You can check out our OpenDev partner solutions in the Azure Marketplace, and if you want a super easy way to try out all the technologies together, then we’ve got you covered! We’ve published ARM templates that include documentation and instructions, along with a recorded demonstration of the lab to help get you started.

You’re welcome.

See you at the next OpenDev event

This was the second edition of OpenDev, and definitely not the last! Azure OpenDev is a recurring event and we’re already working on our next event for early 2018. Sign up for updates and stay tuned for more announcements.

See y’all next time!

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