Now available – M-Series virtual machines now available

The highest performing Azure virtual machines (VMs) to date, the M-Series, are now available. Optimized for large in-memory workloads such as SAP HANA, the new M-series VMs are designed with very high RAM and vCPU capabilities to meet the most demanding environments. The M-series support up to 128 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and between 1 and 3.8 tebibytes (TiB) RAM (Note—3.8 TiB RAM support for the 128 vCPU configuration will be coming soon). In addition, these VM instances support Premium Storage to tackle the largest enterprise workloads. 

The new M-series also incorporates accelerated networking that will enable up to 30 gigbits per second (Gbps) VM-to-VM data transfer—great for extremely fast real-time database replication and backups, and  eliminating concerns about headroom issues in your rapidly growing cloud environment. The M-series VMs will be initially available in the East US 2, West US 2, and West Europe regions.

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Source: Azure Roadmap

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