This month on Bing: flight status and entertainment & sports predictions

This month at Bing we shipped several new experiences that let you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Flight status

Checking flight status can be a hassle, whether you’re rushing to pick someone up from arrivals, or if you’re in a terminal and want to check that your flight details haven’t changed.

Bing’s new tracking feature alleviates this by letting you look up flight statuses, even when you don’t have the airline or flight number on hand. Simply search by city name or airport code, and Bing pulls the results for you across airlines.

Of course, if you do know the airline or flight number, you can include that information in your search, and Bing will show you narrower results so you can more quickly find the flight you’re looking for. Bing also shows detailed information such as terminal and gate when that data is available.


Entertainment & sports


Bing not only tracks results from your favorite events so you can keep track of them, it provides predictions in advance so you be a more informed viewer in the moment.
Bing provided predictions for the winners of the top 2018 Golden Globes categories, and got 9 of 14 categories correct.

Bing also has an up-to-date tracker so users after the ceremony can check who the winners were.
And, if awards season has got you with movies on your mind, Bing continues to provide answer carousels for when you want to find out popular and new releases on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Bing has also got you covered if sports are more your thing.
It's playoff season for the NFL and we've got predictions of winners in the weekly matchups. Simply search for “NFL”, or for specific stages of the playoffs, and Bing will show you which teams are playing, and closer to the games, what our predictions are for each team’s chance of winning.

Bing has got predictions for the Australian Open as well. The first-round matches begin on January 15th, for which we’ll have predictions by February 14th.
We hope you’re as excited by these releases as we are; we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback at User Voice!
– The Bing Team

Source: Bing Blog Feed

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