Azure #CosmosDB and Microsoft’s Project Olympus honored in InfoWorld’s 2018 Technology of the Year Awards

The word is out, and the industry is taking notice. Azure Cosmos DB is the world’s first globally distributed, multi-model database service with native NoSQL support. Designed for the cloud, Azure Cosmos DB enables you to build planet-scale applications that bring data to where your users are with SLA guarantees low latency, throughput, and 99.99% availability.

The experts at IDG's InfoWorld recently recognized Azure Cosmos DB in the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards, zeroing in on its “innovative approach to the complexities of building and managing distributed systems,” which includes recognition for leveraging the work of Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport to deliver multiple consistency models. Azure Cosmos DB was also recognized for delivering a globally distributed system where users anywhere in the world can see the same version of data, no matter their location.

In addition, InfoWorld complimented the flexibility and variety of use cases with Azure Cosmos DB, from JSON-based document stores to support for MongoDB APIs and a SQL query option for Azure’s Table Storage.


“Do you need a distributed NoSQL database with a choice of APIs and consistency models? That would be Microsoft’s Azure Cosmos DB.”—InfoWorld, Technology of the Year 2018: The best hardware, software, and cloud services


InfoWorld noted that 2017 was “the year when you could pick a database without making huge compromises,” exactly the advantage of the multiple consistency models available in Azure Cosmos DB. With five distinct options, you no longer have to choose between slow, but accurate, or fast, but inaccurate, data.

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Along with Azure Cosmos DB, InfoWorld also honored Microsoft’s Project Olympus in their 2018 awards, calling out the open hardware design from Microsoft for helping the Open Compute Project push forward the development of cloud-scale hardware. Complex workloads are driving datacenters to diversify hardware, and Project Olympus designs are flexible with multiple compute configurations and a new open-source standard available to any manufacturer.

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Source: Azure Blog Feed

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