Azure #CosmosDB Graph API now generally available

Azure Cosmos DB Graph API is the first cloud database to provide graph functionality over a globally distributed managed service. This has enabled users to explore new ways of consuming their data with the use of the Gremlin language while still benefitting from global distribution, elastic scalability in storage and throughput, guaranteed low latency, consistency models, and enterprise-ready SLAs of Azure Cosmos DB.

In December, Azure Cosmos DB Graph API became generally available. This release includes several critical updates to the performance and latency, as well as expanding the application platforms that can be used with it. Here is a brief recap of the features included in the general availability release of Azure Cosmos DB Graph API.

Increased service performance and stability

Several performance and stability improvements have been applied to the Azure Cosmos DB Graph API service. These updates benefit the Gremlin query processing performance, as well as the connectivity experience when using any of the open-source Gremlin connectors. Additional fixes were also applied to the previously known Gremlin error parsing issues that used to be experienced.

Newly added support for Python and PHP application platforms!

Azure Cosmos DB Graph API now supports connections from Python and PHP applications through the use of the Apache Tinkerpop™ recommended open-source drivers gremlin-python and gremlin-php. Learn how to get started with the Python Quickstart and PHP Quickstart.

Bulk import library in private preview

We are working on a library that can be used to efficiently bulk import nodes and edges. Today, we’re announcing that we have a private preview for this library, and we’re looking for users to test it out. If you’re interested in participating in this preview, please fill out this form.

Preview account migrations

In the next couple of months we will automatically migrate preview accounts to the updated service. These migrations will be done in batches and instructions with the necessary changes will be sent via email.

Please continue to provide feedback on what you want to see next in our service. Try out Gremlin API today for free today with our Cosmos DB for free experience. If you need any help or have questions or feedback, please reach out to us on the developer forums on Stack Overflow, and follow us on Twitter @AzureCosmosDB and #CosmosDB for the latest news and announcement.

– Your friends at Azure Cosmos DB.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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