Microsoft and Azure at the Game Developers Conference

Start Your Visit at the Azure Booth

We invite you to come to the South Hall Lower Lobby of the Moscone Center and stop by our dedicated Azure booth to learn how you can create a gaming empire by building on the gaming cloud that has powered Xbox for years.

The Azure booth will have a wide range of activities for game developers:

  • Come talk to experts about Azure, PlayFab, Visual Studio, App Center, Mixer, Xbox Live, Mixed Reality and more.
  • Visit four stations to claim a custom, free Xbox controller, and enter to win an Xbox One X daily.
  • Play our mixed reality game Pinball Lizard and take home the sample source code – and get the high score of the day to win an Xbox One X.
  • Play Darwin Project, a 10-player battle royale that offers audience interaction through Mixer, with a shoutcaster moderating and streaming the action live.
  • Attend one of the many in-depth theater sessions or watch one-on-one interviews with product experts across a variety of topics, directly in the booth.

The entire Azure expo experience will show you what’s possible, while giving you the tools and code on how to build it.

Continue Your Learning of Our Cloud Offerings at the PlayFab Booth

Building on our efforts in the gaming cloud with Azure, in January we welcomed PlayFab to the growing slate of cloud offerings. PlayFab is a backend platform for games, delivering powerful real-time tools and services for LiveOps. With Azure and PlayFab services you concentrate on making a great game, not creating the backend. “You make it fun, we’ll make it run” we like to say.

We will also host three Azure sponsored sessions at GDC that show how Next Games, Fluffy Fairy, and others build to scale with Azure and PlayFab. Come ask about our special offer of $2,500 worth of PlayFab, App Center and Azure services that are free for a year.

To learn more about Microsoft at GDC, visit the Xbox Wire.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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