Azure Monitor–General availability of multi-dimensional metrics APIs

In September of last year we announced the public preview of multi-dimensional metrics in Azure Monitor, Microsoft’s built-in platform monitoring service for Azure. Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of the APIs that support this capability. Now you can explore your Azure metrics through their dimensions and unlock deeper insights. Dimensions are name value pairs, or attributes, that can be used to further segment a metric. These additional attributes can help make exploring a metric more meaningful. Azure Monitor has also increased our metric retention period from 30 days to 93 days, so you can access data for longer, and do meaningful comparisons across months.

You can access and explore metrics, multi-dimensional and otherwise, via the following:

In the next few weeks we will also be adding support for multi-dimensional metrics in PowerShell.

In addition to using the above methods to access and explore your metrics, we also recently announced the general availability of the next generation of metric alerts, which allow you create alerts on multi-dimensional metrics!

As part of this update we are also introducing the availability of metrics for the following Azure Services:

  • Classic Cloud Services
  • Azure Key Vault
  • DNS Zones
  • HDInsights
  • Azure Container Instances (ACI)
  • PowerBI Dedicated Capacities

Find resources and metrics available via Azure Monitor with this complete list. You can also refer to our pricing page for pricing on the metric query APIs.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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