New Integrations for GitHub Developers

Today we are announcing integrations between GitHub and two Microsoft products: App Center and Outlook.

Ship Mobile Apps Faster with App Center and the GitHub Checks API

GitHub now detects when a repo contains an iOS or Android project and suggests mobile CI providers from the GitHub Marketplace. We've worked closely with GitHub to ensure that App Center works seamlessly with repos containing mobile apps for any platform with their new GitHub Checks API. We've even made it easy to build iOS and Android apps from the same repo.




We designed App Center to simplify and automate the tricky, manual steps of mobile development. After connecting a GitHub repo to App Center, developers can configure apps to build on commit, test automatically on thousands of real devices, distribute to beta testers, collect analytics and crash reports, and even upload to app stores when ready for release.

All of this is orchestrated within GitHub via the new Checks API, displaying App Center activity on pull requests so developers can keep their entire workflow within GitHub, staying focused on code and automating the rest.

Save Time with Smarter Email Notifications in Outlook

Microsoft 365 supports  Adaptive Cards, which streamline decision-making for users of Microsoft Teams and Outlook. GitHub has built an Adaptive Card into their notification emails. Over the next several weeks, Outlook users will be able to comment on issues directly from their inbox – and soon after, be able to merge pull requests, too.




It's been a pleasure to work closely with GitHub to make developers happier and more productive – now go open some PRs and build some apps!

To learn more about these integrations, visit the App Center, Office, & GitHub blogs

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