Spark + AI Summit: Data scientists and engineers put their trust in Microsoft Azure Databricks

Microsoft will have a major presence at Spark + AI Summit, 2018, in San Francisco, the premier event for the Apache Spark community. Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, will deliver a keynote on how Azure Databricks combines the best of Apache® Spark™ analytics platform and Microsoft Azure Data Services to help customers unleash the power of data and reimagine possibilities that will improve our world.

Azure Databricks, a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for Azure, was made generally available in March 2018. To learn more about the announcement, read Rohan Kumar’s blog about how Azure Databricks can help customers accelerate innovation and simplify the process of building Big Data & AI solutions. At Spark + AI Summit, we have a number of sessions showcasing the great work our customers and partners are doing and how Azure Databricks is helping them achieve productivity at scale.

Sign up for training on Spark!

On Monday, June 4, 2018 there are a number of full-day training courses on Apache Spark ranging from beginner to advanced that will enhance your skill set and even prepare you for certification on Spark.

Apache Spark essentials

This 1-day course is for data engineers, analysts, architects, data scientist, software engineers, IT operations, and technical managers interested in a brief hands-on overview of Apache Spark.

Apache Spark tuning and best practices

This 1-day course is for data engineers, analysts, architects, dev-ops, and team-leads interested in troubleshooting and optimizing Apache Spark applications. It covers troubleshooting, tuning, best practices, anti-patterns to avoid, and other measures to help tune and troubleshoot Spark applications and queries.

Data science with Apache Spark

The Data Science with Apache Spark workshop will show how to use Apache Spark to perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), develop machine learning pipelines, and use the APIs and algorithms available in the Spark MLlib DataFrames API. It is designed for software developers, data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.

Understand and apply deep learning with Keras, TensorFlow, and Apache Spark

This deep learning workshop introduces the conceptual background as well as implementation for key architectures in neural network machine learning models. We will see how and why deep learning has become such an important and popular technology, and how it is similar to and different from other machine learning models as well as earlier attempts at neural networks.

1/2 prep-course + Databricks Developer Certification: Apache Spark 2.x

This 1/2 day lecture is for anyone seeking to become a Databricks Certified Apache Spark Developer or Databricks Certified Apache Spark Systems Architect. It includes test-taking strategies, sample questions, preparation guidelines, and exam requirements. The primary goal of this course is to help potential applicants understand the breadth and depth to which individuals will be tested and to provide guidelines as to how to prepare for the exam.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to build new skills and enhance existing ones on Apache Spark.

Come see us

At Spark + AI Summit 2018 in June, we’ll be showcasing Microsoft’s commitment to helping our customers drive analytics at scale and increase productivity with security, as well as the groundbreaking work of customers and partners that are using our technology to digitally transform their businesses. If you plan to attend, be sure to stop by our booth #201 to say hello and learn more about our data and AI services on Azure, especially Azure Databricks. We will also have our Azure experts in the booth to answer all your questions and help you get started on Microsoft Azure. Sign up for our webinar on the basics of Apache Spark on Azure Databricks on May 31, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Register for Spark + AI Summit today.

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