New free Go-To-Market Services for all marketplace publishers

Microsoft has launched a brand new set of Go-To-Market (GTM) benefits that will be automatically offered to partners with new listings in marketplace, for either Azure Marketplace or AppSource. Benefits are designed to promote awareness and visibility of new listings and will be free of charge to partners.

Microsoft’s cloud marketplace is a big focus point for Microsoft. Our customers are telling us that they want trial and purchase their cloud solutions using our marketplaces. We want to enable our customers to discover, try and buy in their preferred method.

Microsoft has always been dedicated to partnering with solution providers. We recognize that selling through our marketplace may be a new motion for many our partners. So, starting March 1, 2018 all new listings in Azure Marketplace and AppSource have been extended a set of free Go-To-Market (GTM) services. These benefits are designed to help our partners jumpstart discoverability of their offer in marketplaces.

We know customers prefer looking through marketplace with rich listings. So, our benefits are tiered by the offer listing status. Additional benefits will be unlocked at zero cost when partners elect to include a trial.

No action is required by partners to initiate these benefits. Upon listing, Microsoft will reach out to the partner to kick-off discussions. Our GTM team will work closely with our partner’s marketing team to determine a plan for delivering these benefits in a way that works best with their campaign plans.

Benefits are offered at the solution level. So, there is no restriction on partners who’ve already published to marketplace. Every new offer is eligible to receive this benefits package.

Learn more about these benefits by talking with your Microsoft Partner Development Manager (PDM) today.

Marketplace Resources

Check out the Azure Marketplace and AppSource Publisher Guide for the latest guidance on publishing to Marketplace or contact for general questions.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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