R3 on Azure: Launch of Corda Enterprise v3.1

As part of our ongoing partnership, which my colleague Kashif Ali discussed in his November update, we are delighted to announce the launch of Corda Enterprise v3.1 to the Azure Marketplace.

This comes at a time when the state of digital ledger, blockchain technology, and the surrounding industry are maturing and continuing to rapidly growth. In particular, maturity around the R3 ecosystem is accelerating.

Today, R3 launches their Corda Enterprise v3.1 offering to the Azure Marketplace with a free trial offer, giving you the opportunity to kick the tires before you buy. As one of the few general purpose enterprise digital ledgers in the market, R3 continues to drive interesting projects like the recently launched KYC solution involving 33 institutions sharing KYC data geographically spread around the world all running in Azure.

Corda Enterprise offers a number of unique Azure features that make standing up a digital ledger environment inside an enterprise much simpler.

The deployment template in the Azure Marketplace:

  • Dramatically speeds deployment and configuration of Corda Enterprise.
  • Is the gold standard reference implementation.
  • Offers resilience and high availability.
  • Easily integrate with existing enterprise systems through Azure services such as Logic Apps and Power Apps.

Some of the technical nuances of Enterprise Corda on Azure include:

  • Leveraging the AzureSQL managed database, reducing the need to worry about managing the VM for database issues like uptime, disk space concerns, and sharding.
  • Managed and replicated filesystem.
  • Load balancer deployed as part of the solution.
  • The node can be provisioned to connect to any Corda network.
  • Azure deployment templates that let the user select options for a number of parameters to configure the environment.
  • Decide during deployment which Azure regions make sense for your Corda network and applications.
  • Corda Enterprise on Azure is being launched with a 60-day free trial and full license available from R3.

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