Azure Marketplace consulting offers: April

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In April, 73 consulting offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


1-Day: Getting Started with Industrial Azure IoT: Create a roadmap for delivering an Azure IoT pilot in 30 days to connect industrial equipment to the cloud. Connect a chosen product line to the cloud with dashboards and alerts, ready for integration with your enterprise systems.


Advance Analytics Platform Modernization: 1-Wk POC: This limited implementation is designed to prove if the Azure Advanced Analytics Platform is right for your organization’s advanced analytics initiative.


App Modernization: 2-Wk Assessment: Why not see what the cloud can do for you? iLink systems can develop an incremental development roadmap for the application migration and modernization process and spearhead your company's digital transformation.


Application Portfolio Evaluation: 2-Wk Assessment: Altoros will assist you in identifying the key workloads to be migrated to the Kubernetes cluster, assessing application portability and developing the overall migration strategy.


Architecting Azure Solutions: 5-day Workshop: In this instructor-led workshop, deploy Azure solutions using built-in DevOps tools, such as Azure Resource Manager templates, deployments, resource groups, tags, and Role-Based Access Control.


AzStudio PaaS Platform: 1-hr Briefing: This session walks you through how our Configuration-as-a-Service (CaaS) and application building blocks enable rapid Platform-as-a-Service development or legacy .NET app modernization across your organization.


Azure Analytics Solutions: 2-Day Virtual Workshop: This two-day, instructor-led course details how to operationalize end-to-end cloud analytics solutions using the Azure Portal and Azure PowerShell.


Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment (Remote): Are you considering moving your apps or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? This two-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to the cloud.


Azure Cloud Readiness: 2-Day Assessment: Are you considering moving your apps or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? This two-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to the cloud.


Azure Container Service: 10-Wk Implementation: Encapsulate your legacy applications in containers. Engineers at Altoros will enable smooth migration to Azure Container Service and help you leverage the containerized runtime environment and production-grade capabilities.


Azure Data Maturity: 3-Week Assessment: In three short weeks, Decisive Data will deliver an Azure data capability and maturity assessment, along with a complete BI roadmap and plan you can follow, step-by-step, toward a mature data culture.


Azure Data Platform: 3-Day Workshop: This workshop introduces the Azure Data Platform with a strategic overview, assessment, and kick-start proof of concept. Receive expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant.


Azure Databricks: 1-Day Workshop: In this on-site workshop, up to 10 attendees from your organization will receive a detailed overview of Azure Databricks, giving them an understanding of where and how it fits into the Azure Data Platform.


Azure Databricks: 1-Wk Proof of Concept: In this one-week to two-week proof of concept, BlueGranite experts will work with your organization to demonstrate Azure Databricks’ capabilities for data engineering, data science, and more.


Azure Developer Hackathon: 2-Day Virtual Workshop: This instructor-led workshop builds upon previous Microsoft Official Courseware or equivalent experience building ASP.NET and C# applications. Enhance your learning with real-world situations.


Azure Fundamentals: 2-Day Virtual Workshop: In this instructor-led workshop, students will be introduced to the principles of cloud computing and will become familiar with how these principles have been implemented in Microsoft Azure.


Azure Integration Framework: 5 Day Implementation: Sierra Systems can train your IT team to link any application’s source data, synchronizing your enterprise through the Microsoft Azure platform and, from that, to any connected application.


Azure IoT: 2-Day POC: Let MCA Connect show you how to connect an IoT device to Azure IoT Hub, flow the data through Stream Analytics, store data in Azure SQL Server/Azure Data Lake, and surface the data using Microsoft Power BI for analysis and alerts.


Azure IoT: 3-Day Workshop: During this three-day workshop, your team will learn about the Azure IoT platform and work directly with DMC's team of engineers and developers to create the technical strategy for your IoT solution.


Azure Machine Learning Services: 3-Wk PoC: Developing a proof of concept is a shortcut to understanding what value artificial intelligence can bring to your operations, validating the feasibility of your ideas. Altoros will help you to capture your business objectives in this regard.


Azure Managed Services: 5 Day Implementation: By selecting Sierra Systems’ support, your environment receives Azure support, patching, monitoring, backups, security, and SQL Server and Storage on Azure.


Azure Migration Readiness: 6-Wk Assessment: A successful cloud migration starts with a data-driven understanding of your server infrastructure. This infrastructure assessment analyzes workload utilization and provides Azure migration recommendations and cost projections.


Azure SQL Data Warehouse: 4-Day Workshop: This hands-on, instructor-led training helps data warehouse developers and administrators adopt the MPP architecture found in Azure SQL Data Warehouse for scalable, high-performance analytics in the cloud.


Azure Workload Migration: 8-Wk Proof of Concept: This server assessment analyzes workload utilization, provides migration recommendations and cost projections, and migrates an Infrastructure-as-a-Service workload or containerized app to Azure as a proof of concept.


BizTalk to Logic Apps Migration: 3-Day Assessment: The assessment will help you understand the feasibility and process of migrating some or all of your current BizTalk Server integration solutions to Logic Apps.


Blockchain for Enterprise: 10-Day Assessment: During the assessment stage, experts at Altoros will help enterprises start their blockchain journey by setting business objectives and functional requirements, as well as estimate the costs and time needed for further adoption.


Cloud Architecture: 4-Week Assessment: This four-week Azure architecture assessment helps management, line-of-business, and IT teams validate the design of their cloud deployment and identify potential areas of improvement.


Cloud Foundry Enablement: 10-Wk Implementation: Get a full-scale, production-ready Microsoft Azure installation deployed to the cloud infrastructure of your choice, with all required integrations set up and configured.


Cloud Foundry Training Courses: 3-Day Workshop: This training by Altoros engineers covers building and operating Cloud Foundry clusters with BOSH. It also covers microservices architecture and includes a deep dive into deployment, configuration, and management.


Cloud Migration Platform: 1-Hr Briefing: Understand how Wipro's Cloud Migration Platform can help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud. This involves an overview of Wipro's platform and a demo of the solution.


Cloud Migration Service: 2-Wk Implmentation: This engagement is suitable for organizations that are considering migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure, whether the workloads are public, private, or hybrid.


Cloud Strategy Engagement: 3 Day Assessment: If your organization wants to explore what moving IT operations into the cloud entails, Synergy Technical can help define scope and assess the speed of change for improved agility.


Cloud Workload Cybersecurity: 3-Wk Assessment: Cloudneeti’s cloud security assessments help organizations discover, govern, and enforce security and compliance policies for Microsoft Azure and Office 365.


Developing Azure Solutions: 4-Day Virtual Workshop: This instructor-led workshop will demonstrate how to take a web app and expand its functionality as part of moving it to Azure. The course does not require any previous experience with the ASP.NET platform.


Digital Transformation Journey 3-Day Workshop: If you are evaluating how to move your Microsoft apps to the cloud or are looking to build a roadmap, Microexcel is offering this workshop to evaluate the state of your cloud environment and provide a clear path ahead.


DR as a Service: 1-Week Implementation: Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) allows organizations to provide a remote-site recovery solution for their IT server infrastructure at a low price point. Stratus Innovations Group offers low-cost, scalable disaster recovery.


Dynamics Nav on Azure: 4-Day Implementation (U.S.): Compusoft Advisors will perform a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation at the customer's location with an on-site assessment. This will involve deploying a Dynamics NAV application server in an instance of Azure Virtual Machines.


Dynamics Nav on Azure: 4-Day Implementation (Australia): Compusoft Advisors will perform a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation at the customer's location with an on-site assessment. This will involve deploying a Dynamics NAV application server in an instance of Azure Virtual Machines.


Dynamics Nav on Azure: 4-Day Implementation (India): Compusoft Advisors will perform a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation at the customer's location with an on-site assessment. This will involve deploying a Dynamics NAV application server in an instance of Azure Virtual Machines.


Dynamics Nav on Azure: 4-Day Implementation (U.K.): Compusoft Advisors will perform a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation at the customer's location with an on-site assessment. This will involve deploying a Dynamics NAV application server in an instance of Azure Virtual Machines.


Dynamics Nav on Azure: 4-Day Implementation (Canada): Compusoft Advisors will perform a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation at the customer's location with an on-site assessment. This will involve deploying a Dynamics NAV application server in an instance of Azure Virtual Machines.


EDW to Azure SQL Data Migration: 1-Day Workshop: This instructor-led workshop is intended for data professionals. In this workshop, you will migrate a retail chain from a data warehouse in an on-premises SQL Server into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.


Enterprise Ready Cloud: 1-Day Virtual Workshop: This instructor-led workshop teaches individuals how to govern Azure deployments and distributed administration and how to secure remote connectivity and development work for their offshore developers.


FastStart | App Innovation: 6 – Wk Workshop: Marquam has developed this FastStart program to support organizations that want to maximize productivity by leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies, including Azure Bot Service and Azure Cognitive Services.


Implementing Azure Infrastructure: 5-Day Workshop: This workshop introduces students to Microsoft Azure and teaches them how to manage their infrastructure on Azure rather than on-premises.


Industrial Azure IoT: 30 day Proof of Concept: Create an industrial connected product pilot to securely connect equipment in the field to an Azure IoT Hub solution with dashboards, reports, and notifications.


Infrastructure Capacity: 4-Day Assessment: Altoros cloud architects provide the strategic advice and technical expertise required to assess the current state of your IT infrastructure, elicit requirements, detect limitations, and provide recommendations.


Infrastructure Lift and Shift: 4-Wk Assessment: This four-week assessment creates a detailed plan and cost analysis for the migration of datacenters, via a lift-and-shift strategy, to Azure virtual machines and containers.


Integration Platform Modernization: 1-Week POC: This limited one-week proof-of-concept implementation is designed to prove if Azure Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is right for your organization’s hybrid integration platform initiative.


Intelligent Analytics: 1-day Virtual Workshop: Learn real-time analytics without IoT. Enable intelligent conversation in a machine learning-enabled chat pipeline and apply analytics to visualize customer sentiment in real time.


Intelligent Factory: 2-Week Implementation: Quickly and easily connect devices, controllers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and edge-type software to a central IoT hub. The key piece of our architecture is the Stratus Innovations Group IoT Protocol Gateway Adapter.


Intelligent Vending Machines: 1-Day Workshop: This instructor-led workshop details how to implement an IoT solution for intelligent vending machines. Use Azure Machine Learning to drive on-demand pricing, real-time analytics, and messaging flows.


Internet of Things: 1 Day Virtual Workshop: This instructor-led workshop details how to implement an end-to-end solution analyzing high-velocity data in Azure. Learn to create a lambda architecture, filtering data for use in hot and cold paths.


IoT for Business: 1-Day Virtual Workshop: In this instructor-led workshop, you will use the unique benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to build a smart-city solution to help improve traffic and public transportation in New York City.


IoT with Azure and Raspberry Pi: 1-Day Workshop: Gain hands-on experience with Azure IoT services and Raspberry Pi by creating a simple monitoring solution for temperature and humidity.


Logic Apps: 10-Day Implementation: Synegrate will work with you to understand your requirements, create a high-level architecture, and implement a production-ready use case with Azure Logic Apps. By the end, your enterprise integration use case will be on Azure.


Logic Apps: 3-Day Assessment: In this assessment, Synegrate will help you understand the capabilities and advantages of Azure Logic Apps in relation to your current integration solutions.


Logic Apps: 3-Day Proof of Concept: This proof of concept will implement a single use case to showcase the feasibility of Azure Logic Apps as an enterprise integration solution for your organization.


Machine Learning Frameworks: 3-Day Workshop: Engineers at Altoros will provide insights into the under-the-hood mechanisms of popular machine learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, Caffe2, Deeplearning4j, PyTorch, and Keras.


Machine Learning: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This workshop is for technical and business leaders and is held on-site at the client’s facility. Day 1 focuses on business problems and use-case options. Day 2 reviews data and provides input. Days 3-5 cover machine learning.


Migrating Workloads to Cloud: 10-Wk Implementation: Proficient in the open-source Cloud Foundry technology and its commercial distributions, Altoros assists companies in migrating production workloads to cloud environments.


Migration to Azure Cosmos DB: 10-Day Assessment: During this assessment, Altoros will address data sources, legacy applications, security requirements, infrastructure, and database suitability for migration to Cosmos DB, and will provide an optimization and migration plan.


Mobile App Innovation: 1-Day Virtual Workshop: Attendees will be guided through an implementation of an end-to-end mobile baggage tracking system for a customer in the airline industry, and they will design an IoT solution to track the assets from any device.


On-Premise Identity Infrastructure: 2-Day Workshop: This workshop teaches IT professionals how to integrate their on-premises Active Directory Domain Services environment with Azure Active Directory and how to use Azure Active Directory as a directory service.


On-Premises Core Infrastructure: 3-Day Workshop: This instructor-led workshop covers a range of components, including Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and network services that customers can benefit from when deploying hybrid solutions.


Permissioned Blockchain: 10-Wk Proof of Concept: Altoros assists enterprises in evaluating the potential of blockchain to address the specific needs of an organization. Altoros will investigate a variety of blockchain frameworks available on the market to implement the optimal solution.


PowerApps Cloud Challenge for Azure: 5 Day PoC: The volume of new Azure data sources is rapidly increasing, and so is the demand to manipulate this data with end-user tools. Sierra Systems assists you in achieving PowerApps business benefits quickly and cost-effectively.


Serverless Architecture: 1-Day Virtual Workshop: This instructor-led workshop focuses on setting up and configuring a serverless architecture within Azure using Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage.


Smart Cloud Operations: 4-Wk Implementation: This Smart Cloud Operations package delivers the essential support and fast response you need to maintain your cloud infrastructure 24-7.


SQL Server Hybrid Cloud: 1-day Virtual Workshop: In this instructor-led workshop, you will design a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution to handle large spikes in load, strengthen security to encrypt PCI data, and implement archival strategies.


SQL Server Migration: 10-Day Implementation: Working in tandem with your database development and administration teams, Synegrate will execute an SQL migration plan developed as part of our SQL Server migration assessment.


SQL Server Migration: 3-Day Assessment: This assessment will help you understand the pitfalls and challenges associated with a cloud database migration and will generate a clear plan for migrating your on-premises database workloads to Azure SQL Server.


Virtual Datacenter: 2-Day Implementation: Our Virtual Datacenter offering provides you with the ability to quickly scale up a public and hybrid cloud IT infrastructure, allowing you to leverage the innovative functionality and massive cloud IT economies-of-scale business model.

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