Azure RMS Documentation Update for July 2016

First published on CloudBlogs on Jul 29, 2016

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Documentation for Azure Rights Management

has been updated on the web and the latest content has a

July 2016

(or later) date at the top of the article.

Although this post is titled documentation changes for Azure Rights Management, the big news for this month is the new documentation for Azure Information Protection – which builds on Azure Rights Management by making it easier for you (and users) to classify documents and emails, which in turn makes it easier to apply Rights Management protection when needed.  Currently in public preview for you to try it out yourself, read the announcement:

Azure Information Protection – available in Public Preview now!

Then turn to our documentation to find additional resources, requirements, FAQs, and a quick start tutorial that guides you through setting and using some of the most popular features:

Because this is a preview release, the documentation, like the service, is subject to frequent changes.  It’s worthwhile regularly checking for the latest information.

If you have feedback about the documentation for Azure RMS, the RMS sharing application, or Azure Information Protection: Email

. We value customer feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible.

What’s new in the documentation for Azure Rights Management, July 2016

The following information lists the articles that have significant technical changes since the last update (June 2016). If you have problems finding information on the new publishing site, let us know and we will help you locate it while the search engines index these new pages.

Azure RMS requirements: Applications

– Updated the table for



Office Mobile

for Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Read about this new functionality and other planned changes in the Office blog post:

Enhancing information rights management in Word, Excel and PowerPoint mobile apps

Monitor the Azure Rights Management connector

– Updated the description for error 3000, with a possible cause for this error being a network device that is doing SSL inspection.

Change permissions on files that have been protected by Rights Management

– New article in the Rights Management sharing application user guide, that provides instructions for end users if they need to change permissions on files and emails that are RMS-protected.

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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