Manage credit risk: Credit Analytics debuts in Azure Marketplace

One of the biggest challenges banks and financial service organizations face is the sheer volume involved with monitoring and managing thousands and thousands of loans. Events like weather, earthquakes, geo-economic swings, and political shifts make it difficult to analyze the impacts on capital reserves, service operations, and more. Lending is a tough business as it is, but when banks struggle to understand how the various characteristics and risks associated with each loan and loan segments impact exposures and limits on risk pools, on-prem solutions often lack the scalability and processing power to tell the full story. Banks need a flexible and expandable solution to facilitate the analysis of exposure and risk by providing transparency and actionable insights.

What is the Credit Analytics solution?

Now available on Azure Marketplace, Credit Analytics manages the risk of loan portfolios to maximize the risk-adjusted rate of return, minimize capital reserve requirements, and strengthen compliance. Deployed by RCG Global Services, Credit Analytics brings together technologies from Cazena, Cloudera, and Trifacta so examiners can focus on the implementation of activities that identify, measure, monitor, and manage risk exposures without spending precious time.

Credit Analytics - Visual for Blog

Credit Analytics provides

  • Interactive spreadsheets for analysis of loan concentrations by classification and geography.
  • Interactive graphics and visual formats for loan-to-value analyses.
  • Access to historical data for trend and experience analysis.

Credit Analytics customers can receive an out-of-the-box solution tailored to their needs, enabling:

A deeper understanding of risk from credit exposure with various views

  • Loan portfolios and risk pools.
  • Risk ratings and experience.
  • Property and guarantee type.
  • Industry classification.
  • Geographic boundaries down to a county level.

Integration of market data with loan data

  • Identify changes in lending.
  • Identify changes in employment.
  • Identify changes in property valuations.
  • Identify other changes affecting risk.

Extendable, agile foundation for managing risk

  • A set of core analytics for analyzing credit risk.
  • Technologies that enable access to loan documents and other info.
  • Ability to distribute analytic results with Microsoft PowerBI Desktop.
  • Support available to add new analytics and enhance capabilities.


Want to learn more about driving more comprehensive credit risk management throughout your business, click Credit Analytics to review more details on the Azure Marketplace, and feel free to explore more integrated solutions to support your organization’s transformation.

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