Your guide to Azure Stack, Azure Data Box, and Avere Ignite sessions

On behalf of the Azure Stack team, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Ignite 2018 attendees for the overwhelming response to our series of Azure Stack, Azure Data Box, and Avere sessions. Now, we’re thrilled to share the sessions on-demand to everyone, everywhere.

Before diving into the session videos below, I encourage you to learn more about the Azure solutions enabling a new era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge computing. Read an excellent overview from Julia White, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure, and visit our new Future of Cloud webpage.

Azure Stack

These sessions are packed with information, use cases, and guidance to help you understand the principles of Azure Stack. Explore use cases for implementing the solution and get started.

To help you zero in on content relevant to your interests and expertise, follow our two learning paths—four sessions tailored for operators and four sessions for developers (with a special session for CSPs), then explore over 12 additional sessions that drill down into topics that may interest you.

To learn more about Azure Stack, visit the Azure Stack website, view the documentation, download the development kit, and explore real-world stories of Azure Stack in action.

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Start your learning journey here

Azure Stack overview and roadmap

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The best-attended Azure Stack session at Ignite is essential viewing. Learn how Azure Stack fits in the Microsoft hybrid cloud strategy, view the product roadmap, and explore solution patterns to get up and running with Azure Stack quickly.

Delivering intelligent edge with Microsoft Azure Stack and Data Box

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Learn the direction that Microsoft is taking to help customers create adaptive systems that participate in a consistent platform across the edge and cloud.

Operator path

Get started as an Azure Stack operator by watching these four learning sessions—your first step to develop a plan for operationalizing Azure Stack in your environment.

The guide to becoming a Microsoft Azure Stack operator White SUV with trunk open

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This session provides you the information necessary for being the champion in your organization. This is a prerequisite for anyone wanting to get started with Microsoft Azure Stack.

Discovering the importance of security design principles and key use cases for Azure Stack

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Learn about the key security design principles and uses cases that Azure Stack enables. This session explores how Assume Breach and Hardened by Default principles give you a secure, hybrid cloud on top which you can build your applications. Also learn how Azure Stack helps you meet the strictest compliance standards.

Best practices for planning Azure Stack deployment and post-deployment integrations with Azure

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This session guides you through tools to size the solution and the steps to integrate Microsoft Azure Stack into the environment. Learn about typical datacenter integration touchpoints and how to administer the Azure Stack infrastructure, including monitoring and hardware management. Finally, learn how to set up proper plans, offers, and quotas so that your tenants/customers can start consuming the resources hosted in your Azure Stack environment.

Understanding architectural patterns and practices for business continuity and disaster recovery on Microsoft Azure Stack

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Learn how to recover from catastrophic data loss. Understand the benefits of connecting Azure Stack to Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup. We discuss both the infrastructure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) as well as application pattern on tenant space.

Developer path

Ready to start developing solutions on the Azure Stack platform? This learning path is for you—a set of informative sessions to accelerate your journey to build intelligent applications everywhere the business needs.

Getting started with Microsoft Azure Stack as a developer

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Are you a developer wanting to build your applications anywhere? Learn about all the available services in Azure Stack, the Azure SDKs, and how to use PowerShell and CLI for automation. Also learn how to download and install your own Azure Stack for learning, development, and evaluation as well how to leverage your Azure subscription to enable prototyping in Azure.

Understanding hybrid application patterns for Microsoft Azure Stack

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Hybrid applications are becoming the norm for most organizations today. In this session, learn different application patterns, such as artificial intelligence (AI) patterns, to expedite development of your solutions on Azure Stack and deploy anywhere, whether on Azure Stack or Azure.

Implementing DevOps in Microsoft Azure Stack

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In this session, learn how to implement a DevOps pipeline for Azure Stack and integrate it with your Azure pipeline. This session also covers the benefits of leveraging infrastructure as code, as well as extending your pipeline to common open source tools.

Accelerate application development through OpenSource frameworks and marketplace items

Watch on-demand

Learn how to leverage popular open source workloads to accelerate your application development. Topics include Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and Kubernetes, among others.

Azure Data Box Edge

Azure Data Box helps customers move large amounts of data to Microsoft Azure in a cost-effective way. Data Box offline devices easily move data to Azure when busy networks aren’t an option, and Data Box online appliances transfer data to and from Azure over the network.

Watch the informative Ignite 2018 sessions below and visit the Azure Data Box family website to quickly get up to speed on the solution, capabilities, and use cases. Also, watch this short profile of semiconductor innovator Cree to learn how they are using Azure Data Box Edge to scale innovation for its groundbreaking commercial silicon carbide materials.

Using Azure Data Box for moving large volumes of data into AzureAzure Data Box

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Learn how to use Data Box to quickly get your data to Azure, as well as announcements about the general availability and worldwide rollout. Plus, get insight on the new functionality coming soon.

The new additions to the Azure Data Box family

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Hear how customers are using Data Box to quickly move data to Azure, as well as an overview of new additions to the Data Box family.

Delivering intelligent edge with Microsoft Azure Stack and Data Box

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Join Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover for a discussion about the future of applications purpose-built for the edge. This is where new solutions are needed to put intelligence into action by adapting to changes and continually incorporating new context to help people where they need it, when they need it. Systems designed and deployed across many different devices in the intelligent edge era will require a consistent infrastructure backplane so that they can act as one distributed, intelligent, and adaptive system. Hear about the direction that Microsoft is taking to help customers create adaptive systems that participate in a consistent platform across the edge and cloud.

Data Box Edge and Gateway – Bringing Azure Storage and Compute to the edge

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Learn how to use two new Azure offerings—Data Box Gateway, an Azure storage gateway, and Data Box Edge, a cloud managed appliance combining the gateway with IoT edge computing—to move data in and out of Azure over your network. Process this data as part of an integrated workflow or for any edge compute tasks where you want easy use of Azure storage. This session covers how these pieces fit together, what problems they solve, and how you can join the preview.

Avere vFXT for Azure

Avere vFXT for Azure provides high-performance file access for high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The solution arms applications owners and computing directors tasked with managing critical HPC workloads with scalability, flexibility, and easy access to cloud and file-based storage locations. Watch the informative session below for an overview, use cases, and a demo. Also, be sure to visit our services page and read “Avere vFXT for Microsoft Azure now in public preview” to learn more.

Running high performance workloads with Avere vFXT for Azure

Watch on-demand | View slide deck

In this technical breakout session, discover how Avere vFXT for Azure enables cloud bursting and lift-and-shift migrations, including a live demonstration. Plus, learn how it works in specific industries, including media rendering, genomics sequencing, oil and gas, Monte Carlo simulations, and financial backtesting.

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