Azure Kubernetes Service now in private preview in Azure China

We are pleased to announce the private preview of the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in Azure China. With this announcement, Azure becomes the first cloud provider to provide a managed Kubernetes service within mainland China. As in the other regions where the service is available worldwide, AKS in China offers users a way to quickly and easily create a Kubernetes cluster on Azure infrastructure, then scale, upgrade, and monitor that cluster with a set of simple and intuitive tools.

If you have an Azure China account, creating a Kubernetes cluster in AKS is as simple as az aks create. Once the cluster is created, you can manage it in the Azure China portal, including scaling the cluster in and out, and upgrading to new Kubernetes versions.

Azure Kuberneters Service in Azure China dashboard

When coupled with the Azure Container Registry, users now have the core tools to build and run large scale containerized applications in China. Over the coming months, we will enable other elements of the Azure container ecosystem, including Azure Container Instances and Azure Monitor for containers.

If you are interested in joining the private preview, please submit your contact details through the form at

谢谢 (thank you!)


Source: Azure Blog Feed

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