Bing Maps APIs help find you at a crossroads!

Frequently we refer to locations based on the intersection of two or more roads. It’s an easy way to pinpoint a specific location. Common scenarios include sharing a meetup spot and finding other nearby locations as a point in relation. Well now, Locations by Point (REST Locations API) and Autosuggest APIs both support intersections as part of their responses.

Locations by Point

The Locations by Point API has a new data type for intersections. The related documentation can be found at but we included the following specific snippet below:

Bing Maps Location By Point API Response Notes

Here’s a snippet from a sample JSON response illustrating an intersection in the response:

Location By Point API - JSON Response

And similarly, here’s the response in XML:

Location By Point API - XML Response


For Autosuggest, the response will be part of the Address entity type. This means that the Address entity type in Autosuggest now includes addresses, roads, and intersections. Below is a snippet from a Autosuggest response in JSON:

bing Maps Autosuggest API - JSON Response

For more information about Locations by Point API and Autosuggest API, check out the documentation. Also, for details about licensing and to contact the team, go to

– Bing Maps Team

Source: Bing Blog Feed

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