Bing caps off an exciting football season with helpful features 

The 2018 NFL season started in September with 32 teams and now it’s down to just two: The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will face off in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 3. This year, Bing treated football fans who followed their favorite teams to some improvements to the Bing sports answer, making it easier than ever to find scores, stats, news, and more.  

Find intelligent answers 


Haven’t been following the full season but people around the water cooler are asking who you think has the edge? Try Bing Predicts. We predict a 55 percent chance that the Patriots will take home a sixth championship. Check out our instant answer to learn more about the rationale behind the prediction.  

Our pre-game insights provide historical context around some of the biggest storylines heading into the big game—from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s dominance over the past two decades, to the Rams’ surging run defense. And if you’re trying to remember the last time these teams have played, check out our historical matches carousel, detailing the past 10 matchups between the two franchises. 

Lastly, while both teams are looking remarkably healthy for being five months into a grueling season, keep an eye on the injury report tab up to the start of the game to see who might be inactive.  


Bing’s coverage continues during and after the game, too! Check back after kickoff for live updates as the action unfolds, including stats, scoring plays, and highlights. 

Additionally, stats fanatics who crave information about a team or player can now ask Bing complex sports queries. Our search graph gathers thousands of pieces of data, identifies how the data relate, then connects them in a way that answer your most detailed football questions. 

For example, the Pats could match the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins of all time, but New England also has the most Super Bowl losses. Curious which NFL player has the most rushing touchdowns in Super Bowls since 2000? Hint: The leader is on one of the teams. 

Want to know which college produced the most professional players in the 2018 season? Ask Bing. You can even filter down to the last two minutes of a postseason game: Which NFL player has the most passing yards in the last two minutes of the playoffs this season? 


Currently the search graph covers professional football and we are looking at expanding it to other popular sports—stay tuned! 

Trending on Reddit


Bing, in partnership with Reddit, will bring users the most talked about trends from the big game. Remember #SelfieKid? Will Tom Brady’s trench coat make a cameo? Users on Bing will catch these moments alongside other traditional game coverage starting on Sunday, Feb 3. Watch for trends from Reddit communities in future marquee events. 


The news you need


One of the biggest stories around this year’s game is the age difference between the quarterbacks: There is a 17-year gap between Tom Brady (41) and Jared Goff (24), so the ‘youth versus experience’ angle is dominating headlines.  

To make it easier to find topics like these, or news related to other sports you follow, you can now find relevant and timely news from Bing’s Microsoft News partners directly integrated into the sports answer

Popular commercials


You don’t have to be a diehard football fan to enjoy the game. For many people, one of the most memorable parts of the day is the commercials. Bing video search makes it easy for you to find and watch the most popular ads, but we’ve also collected our all-time favorites. We are rounding up commercials from this year’s game, too, and will add new ones as they are released this weekend. 


Throughout the football season that culminates with this weekend’s game, we’ve added richer experiences for diehard and casual sports fans alike. 

Enjoy the game! 
The Bing Team 

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