Announcing Azure Integration Service Environment for Logic Apps

A new way to integrate with resources in your virtual network

We strive with every service to provide experiences that significantly improve the development experience. We’re always looking for common pain points that everybody building software in the cloud deals with. And once we find those pain points, we build best-of-class software to address the need.

In critical business scenarios, you need to have the confidence that your data is flowing between all the moving parts. The core Logic Apps offering is a great, multi-faceted service for integrating between data sources and services, but sometimes it is necessary to have dedicated service to ensure that your integration processes are as performant as can be. That’s why we developed the Integration Service Environment (ISE), a fully isolated integration environment.

What is an Integration Service Environment?

An Integration Service Environment is a fully isolated and dedicated environment for all enterprise-scale integration needs. When you create a new Integration Service Environment, it is injected into your Azure virtual network, which allows you to deploy Logic Apps as a service on your VNET.

  • Direct, secure access to your virtual network resources. Enables Logic Apps to have secure, direct access to private resources, such as virtual machines, servers, and other services in your virtual network including Azure services with service endpoints and on-premises resources via an Express Route or site to site VPN.
  • Consistent, highly reliable performance. Eliminates the noisy neighbor issue, removing fear of intermittent slowdowns that can impact business critical processes with a dedicated runtime where only your Logic Apps execute in.
  • Isolated, private storage. Sensitive data subject to regulation is kept private and secure, opening new integration opportunities.
  • Predicable pricing. Provides a fixed monthly cost for Logic Apps. Each Integration Service Environment includes the free usage of 1 Standard Integration Account and 1 Enterprise connector. If your Logic Apps action execution count exceeds 50 million action executions per month, the Integration Service Environment could provide better value.

Integration Service Environments are available in every region that Logic Apps is currently available in, with the exception of the following locations:

  • West Central US
  • Brazil South
  • Canada East

Logic Apps is great for customers who require a highly reliable, private integration service for all their data and services. You can try the public preview by signing up for an Azure account. If you’re an existing customer, you can find out how to get started by visiting our documentation, “Connect to Azure virtual networks from Azure Logic Apps by using an integration service environment.”

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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