Microsoft Garage Project Maps SDK Brings 3D Maps to Mixed Reality

Say hello to Maps SDK, a Microsoft Garage project! This latest release brings all the cool things about 3D maps to Unity developers. As a map control for Unity, Maps SDK makes it possible to fold Bing Maps’ 3D world data into Unity-based, mixed reality experiences. This control is drag-and-drop and provides an off-the-shelf 3D map, customizable controls, along with the building blocks for creative mixed reality map experiences.

Space Needle

In partnership with Outings, another Garage project team, the Bing Maps team created a sample app that shows off what this 3D map control can really do. Want to see it in action?


Check out a sample app experience for Outings that re-imagines the travel mobile app in mixed reality, powered by Maps SDK — available now in the Microsoft Store for mixed reality headsets and HoloLens.

Get the full story at the Garage blog.

Source: Bing Blog Feed

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