SAP and Microsoft bring IoT data to the core of the business applications

As a leader in the IoT cloud ecosystem, Microsoft enables a full stack of business applications, within different industries, across the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud. The continued growth of the IoT industry is going to be a transformative force across all organizations. Microsoft and SAP have collaborated for over two decades to enable enterprise SAP solution deployments and the partnership has expanded across the Industrial Internet Consortium, the OPC Foundation, and the Platform Industrie 4.0.

At Mobile World Congress in February, SAP and Microsoft announced our extended collaboration to physical assets in the space of Internet of Things (IoT). Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of SAP Leonardo IoT integration with Azure IoT Hub.

SAP Leonardo IoT integrates with Azure IoT services providing customers with the ability to contextualize and enrich their IoT data with SAP business data to drive new business outcomes. Leveraging Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge, it provides access to secure connectivity at scale, powerful device management functionality, and industry-leading edge computing support. With the ability to intelligently combine business data to provide industrial IoT capabilities and services consumed by SAP business applications, customers now have a complete view on their data from physical assets to business processes to customer relationships, and offers a full digital feedback loop.

Microsoft intelligent edge diagram

SAP and Microsoft’s common goal is to provide a 360 view of the data from physical assets to business processes enabling customers to remove data silos and realize a full digital feedback loop across the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. By running SAP Essential Business Functions on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, customers will be able to extend their S4/Hana and C4/Hana business processes closest to their most valuable assets, providing the capability of business requests and governance at the edge.

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Source: Azure Blog Feed

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