Howden: How they built a knowledge mining solution with Azure Search

Customers across industries including healthcare, legal, media, and manufacturing are looking for new solutions to solve business challenges with AI, including knowledge mining with Azure Search.

Azure Search enables developers to quickly apply AI across their content to unlock untapped information.  Custom or prebuilt cognitive skills like facial recognition, key phrase extraction, and sentiment analysis can be applied to content using the cognitive search capability to extract knowledge that’s then organized within a search index. Let’s take a closer look at how one company, Howden, applies the cognitive search capability to reduce time and risk to their business.

Howden, a global engineering company, focuses on providing quality solutions for air and gas handling. With over a century of engineering experience, Howden creates industrial products that help multiple sectors improve their everyday processes; from mine ventilation and waste water treatment to heating and cooling.

Too many details, not enough time

Every new project requires the creation of a bid proposal. A typical customer bid can span thousands of pages in differing formats such as Word and PDF.  The team has to scour through detailed customer requirements to identify key areas of design and specialized components in order to produce accurate bids.  If they miss key or critical details, they can bid too low and lose money, or bid too high and lose the customer opportunity.  The manual process is time consuming, labor intensive, and creates multiple opportunities for human error. To learn more about knowledge mining with Azure Search and see how Howden built their solution, check out the Microsoft Mechanics show linked below.

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