Announcing self-serve experience for Azure Event Hubs Clusters

For businesses today, data is indispensable. Innovative ideas in manufacturing, health care, transportation, and financial industries are often the result of capturing and correlating data from multiple sources. Now more than ever, the ability to reliably ingest and respond to large volumes of data in real time is the key to gaining competitive advantage for consumer and commercial businesses alike. To meet these big data challenges, Azure Event Hubs offers a fully managed and massively scalable distributed streaming platform designed for a plethora of use cases from telemetry processing to fraud detection.

Event Hubs has been immensely popular with Azure’s largest customers and now even more so with the recent release of Event Hubs for Apache Kafka. With this powerful new capability, customers can stream events from Kafka applications seamlessly into Event Hubs without having to run Zookeeper or manage Kafka clusters, all while benefitting from a fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with features like auto-inflate and geo-disaster recover. As the front door to Azure’s data pipeline, customers can also automatically Capture streaming events into Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake, or natively perform real-time analysis on data streams using Azure Stream Analytics.

Azure Event Hubs Pipeline

For customers with the most demanding streaming needs, Event Hubs clusters in our Dedicated tier provide a single-tenant offering that guarantees the capacity to ingest millions of events per second while boasting a 99.99% SLA. Clusters are used by the Xbox One Halo team, as well as powers both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office client application telemetry pipelines.

Azure portal experience for Event Hubs clusters

Today, we are excited to announce that Azure Event Hubs clusters can be easily created through the Azure portal or through the Azure Resource Manager as a self-serve experience (preview), and is instantly available with no further setup. Within your cluster, you can subsequently create and manage namespaces and event hubs per usual and ingest events with no throttling. Creating a cluster to contain your event hubs offers the following benefits:

  • Single tenant hosting for better performance with guaranteed capacity at full scale, enabling ingress of gigabytes of streaming data at millions of events per second while maintaining fully durable storage and sub-second latency.
  • Capture feature included at no additional cost, which allows you to effortlessly batch and deliver your events to Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake.
  • Significant savings on your Event Hubs cloud costs with fixed hourly billing while scaling your infrastructure with Dedicated Event Hubs.
  • No maintenance since we take care of load balancing, security patching, and OS updates. You can spend less time on infrastructure maintenance and more time building client-side features.
  • Exclusive access to upcoming features like bring your own key (BYOK).

In the self-serve experience (preview), you can create 1 CU clusters in the following strategic regions through the Azure portal:

  • North Europe
  • West Europe
  • US Central
  • East US
  • East US 2
  • West US
  • West US 2
  • North US
  • South Central US
  • South East Asia
  • UK South

Larger clusters of up to 20 CUs or clusters in regions not listed above will also be available upon direct request to the Event Hubs team.

Data is key to staying competitive in this fast moving world and Azure Event Hubs can help your organization gain the competitive edge. With so many possibilities, it’s time to get started.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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