Ask Me Anything – “Network” with teams from Azure Networking!

Which 3rd party devices are supported for connecting to Azure VPN Gateway? Can I connect to multiple sites from the same virtual network? Ask these questions and more during the next Ask Me Anything (AMA) session via Twitter on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Pacific Time.

This is your opportunity to ask questions about our products, services, or even the team, directly to members of these teams:

Tell us about your experiences, we want your valuable insights into how we can improve the service.

To get involved, follow @AzureSupport on Twitter and send a tweet with the hashtag  "#AzNetworkingAMA". Then during the event, members from the product teams will start answering your questions.

How it works

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, which is a less formal way to get answers to your questions directly from the engineers and product managers. It’s an opportunity for a live conversation with the experts who are responsible for building and maintaining Azure services.

During the live session, you can ask questions by tweeting at @AzureSupport  with the hashtag #AzNetworkingAMA. Your question can span multiple tweets by replying to first tweet you post with this hashtag.

If I’m in a different time zone, no problem. Start tweeting your questions in advance and we’ll answer during the event.

You really can ask anything you’d like, but here’s a list of question ideas to get you started:

  • What’s the difference between App Gateway and VPN Gateway?
  • Can I delegate an Azure DNS subdomain?
  • What features are currently planned or in development?
  • What is the difference between App Gateway and Azure Load Balancer?
  • How much do I get charged for App Gateway?
  • Why should I use the V2 SKU of App Gateway vs the V1?
  • How does App Gateway compare with Azure Front Door?
  • Can I use App Gateway for purely “private” (not internet facing) applications?
  • Which protocols are supported on Azure VPN Gateway?

The Azure Networking AMA is a great way for you to get inside the minds that build the products you love, and continues our series of AMAs that connect customers directly with developers. To learn more about some of our previous AMAs, you can read about the Azure Backup AMA and the Azure Integration Services AMA.

Get out and tweet @AzureSupport.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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