Azure Marketplace new offers–Volume 40

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 212 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



2Care: 2CARE is a healthcare solution that easily captures the services provided to patients or inhabitants. This application is available only in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

A10 Lightning ADC

A10 Lightning ADC: A10 Lightning Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is a cloud-native solution that optimizes the delivery and security of cloud-native applications and services.

Actian Vector Analytic Database Community Edition

Actian Vector Analytic Database Community Edition: Actian Vector is a developer-friendly high-performance analytics engine that requires minimal setup, provides automatic tuning to reduce database administration effort, and enables highly responsive end-user BI reporting.

Advanced Load Balancer ADC for Azure

Advanced Load Balancer ADC for Azure: Advanced Load Balancer ADC for Azure provides layer 4/7 load balancing for Azure, automatically distributing incoming application traffic across Azure-hosted workloads.

AIMS 14 Day Free Trial

AIMS 14 Day Free Trial: AIMS simplifies and automates the monitoring and analytics of Microsoft enterprise IT products and technologies using AI and machine learning.

AIMS AIOps Free Performance Assessment

AIMS AIOps Free Performance Assessment: AIMS provides a deep IT system and application performance assessment report delivered as a 15-20-page PowerPoint presentation identifying the state of your environment with recommended actions based on AI findings.

AIMS Innovation

AIMS Innovation: AIMS simplifies and automates the monitoring and analytics of Microsoft enterprise IT products and technologies using AI and machine learning.

aiScaler Load Balancer & Site Acceleration

aiScaler Load Balancer & Site Acceleration: aiScaler is an application delivery controller with an emphasis on accelerating dynamic sites. It is a single, easily configured virtual appliance that provides traffic management, dynamic site acceleration, and DDoS protection.

Allscripts dbMotion

Allscripts dbMotion: The dbMotion solution aggregates data from disparate source systems, harmonizes the information, and delivers it in an actionable format at the point of care, within the provider’s native workflow.

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Designer: Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending, and advanced analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial – in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user interface.


AMO CA: AMO CA, formerly known as AuthentiCA, is a cloud-based certificate authority service that allows users to easily issue certificates and manage queries, renewals, and revocations.

AnalyticsCreator data warehouse automation

AnalyticsCreator data warehouse automation: AnalyticsCreator automates the design, creation, maintenance, and deployment of Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Appcelerator Arrow API Builder

Appcelerator Arrow API Builder: Appcelerator Arrow API Builder is an opinionated framework for building and deploying Node.js applications to the cloud. With Arrow Builder, developers can quickly connect, model, transform, and optimize data from any source.

AppDynamics Application Performance Management

AppDynamics Application Performance Management: AppDynamics is a leading application performance management solution for modern applications in the cloud and data center that allows organizations to rapidly troubleshoot, diagnose, and scale apps in Azure.


AppScale: The AppScale platform enables developers to focus solely on business logic in order to rapidly build scalable apps, cleanly separating it from deployment and scaling logic.

Apptimized Packaging Tool

Apptimized Packaging Tool: Hosted on Azure, the Apptimized Packaging Tool delivers everything needed to discover, create, test, and manage application packages in the cloud.

Aras Innovator PLM Suite

Aras Innovator PLM Suite: Aras Innovator is an enterprise-scale product lifecycle management (PLM) suite on Azure providing complete item and document management, configuration and change management, project and program management, and more.

Asianux Server 4 SP6

Asianux Server 4 SP6: Asianux Server 4 integrates advanced Linux technologies to deliver more value to enterprise users with high capability, reliability, and improved security.


Asitis Cloudware: Asitis Cloudware on Azure is a cloud-based factoring platform that helps your factoring business succeed – whether you have a startup or an already established company and want to grow.

Atomic Secure Docker for Ubuntu

Atomic Secure Docker for Ubuntu: With Atomic Secure Docker for Ubuntu, the operating system, device, application, and containers all inherit protection from the hardened kernel for entire classes of cyberattacks.

AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center

AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center: AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center is a voice network management solution that combines the management of voice network devices and quality of experience monitoring into a single, intuitive web-based application.

Autopilot BPM Solution

Autopilot BPM Solution: Autopilot is an Azure-based platform that allows companies to speed up the implementation and roll-out of electronic form and workflow solutions.

Avalanche TTX

Avalanche TTX: Avalanche TTX allows you to easily create and deliver engaging scenarios so that employees can experience and learn from difficult situations before they happen in real life. The system has wide application across many industries.

Avi Vantage ADC Load Balancer, GSLB and WAF

Avi Vantage ADC: Load Balancer, GSLB and WAF: Avi Vantage delivers an enterprise-grade, software-defined solution composed of a smart load balancer, an intelligent web application firewall, and an elastic service mesh for container applications.

Aviatrix Companion Gateway-v2

Aviatrix Companion Gateway-v2: This model removes the requirement to download the Aviatrix Gateway image to your Azure account to greatly reduce deployment time. Aviatrix Companion Gateway works with Aviatrix Cloud Controller version 3.1 or later.

Avik Cloud

Avik Cloud: Avik Cloud is a data pipeline as a service for big data management, including data integration, data profiles, data replication, machine learning, and more.

Axway MailGate

Axway MailGate: Axway MailGate assists in fully protecting your enterprise – from sanitizing inbound email, filtering and encrypting outbound messages, securing and managing shared files, and securing mobile device channels.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 7 on Ubuntu 1804

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 7 on Ubuntu 18.04: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 7 on Windows 2019

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 7 on Windows 2019: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 8 on Ubuntu 1804

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 8 on Ubuntu 18.04: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 8 on Windows 2019

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 8 on Windows 2019: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 11 on Ubuntu 1804

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 11 on Ubuntu 18.04: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Azul Zulu for Azure - Java 11 on Windows 2019

Azul Zulu for Azure – Java 11 on Windows 2019: Azul Zulu for Azure is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compliant and compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for Azure

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for Azure: The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for Azure fills the functional gaps between cloud infrastructure security and a defense-in-depth strategy by providing protection where the application and data reside.

BioGraph Engine

BioGraph Engine: The BioGraph Engine by Spiral Genetics is designed to address the issues associated with large-scale genome sequencing projects using Illumina next-generation whole genome sequencing data.

BlockApps Multinode Blockchain - EnterpriseEdition

BlockApps Multinode Blockchain – Enterprise Edition: BlockApps provides enterprise blockchain development solutions based on Ethereum. Its client, written in Haskell, provides a highly scalable Ethereum-compliant blockchain with an industry standard RESTful API.

BPM - Document Management

BPM – Document Management: AuraPortal Helium's fast, easy, mobile, and secure document management module is designed for the cloud and built with the user in mind.

CB CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

CB CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator: CB Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator closes security gaps and keeps your documents safe by automatically synchronizing Dynamics CRM privileges with SharePoint permissions.


CERTIFY: Certify helps you optimize, control, and follow your certification process while respecting the methodologies imposed by ISO 14971 and IEC 62366 and creating standards reports in line with the expectations of testing laboratories and auditors.

CFD Direct From the Cloud

CFD Direct From the Cloud: CFD Direct From the Cloud is a complete platform providing OpenFOAM (open source computational fluid dynamics) and supporting software running on the latest long-term support version of Ubuntu Linux.


Chartio: Chartio is a cloud-based business analytics solution designed to enable data analysts and business users in marketing, sales, operations, and finance to access, explore, transform, and visualize their data.

ChartWise CDI

ChartWise CDI: ChartWise CDI is an award-winning clinical documentation improvement solution integrated across the healthcare continuum that increases efficiency and reduces risk with a proven, fast ROI.

Cloud Web Environment

Cloud Web Environment: Genesys Cloud Web Environment is a preconfigured cloud infrastructure and Open .NET stack for developers and teams to rapidly provision a working development environment in 15 minutes and start coding.


CloudAMQP: CloudAMQP supplies fully managed RabbitMQ servers and clusters, ranging from virtual hosts on a shared cluster to dedicated high-performance, high-availability clusters.

CloudCheckr - The Cloud Management Company

CloudCheckr – The Cloud Management Company: CloudCheckr is a unified cloud governance solution for Azure offering control and clarity for leading organizations to manage and optimize their public cloud investments.

CloudForte for Azure

CloudForte for Azure: CloudForte for Azure enables the management and governance of Azure public cloud environments, the acceleration and adoption of Azure and Azure-native services, and cloud-native modernization and development.


CloudMonix: CloudMonix extends Azure by providing fine-grained control over monitoring, auto-scaling, and automation (self-healing) services in a simple, powerful experience.

ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform

ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform: The ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform simplifies the way government organizations build and operate inclusive digital ecosystems that are data driven and run on all mobile devices and digital channels.


Conduit: Make data-driven decisions with Conduit from Blueprint Technologies, a lightweight and secure solution that connects data sources to any BI visualization. Conduit unifies your data analytics initiatives and enables real-time delivery of your data.


D'Amo: D’Amo is a database encryption solution suitable for any operation environment that provides secured encryption key management and addresses compliance issues.

DataCore Cloud Replication

DataCore Cloud Replication: DataCore Cloud Replication uses Azure as a remote replication location to safeguard your highly available data center, helping you take advantage of the scalability, agility, and cost-efficiencies of Azure.

DayOne Collaboration Solution

DayOne Collaboration Solution: DayOne is a user-friendly, intuitive portal based on a Windows service running on Azure that connects to and synchronizes objects between Office 365 tenants you target.

Derdack Enterprise Alert

Derdack Enterprise Alert: Derdack Enterprise Alert automates alert notification processes and response workflows, enabling fast, reliable, and effective response to incidents threatening the continuity of services and operations.

DEvent SaaS

DEvent SaaS: DEvent is an innovative modeling solution that allows insurance companies to efficiently calculate their reserves with respect to Solvency II, ORSA, or IFRS 17.


DeviceHive: DeviceHive provides the communication layer, control software, and multi-platform libraries to bootstrap development of smart energy, home automation, remote sensing, telemetry, remote control and monitoring software, and more.

Digital Signup

Digital Signup: Digital Signup is a cloud-based class registration solution designed for educational organizations that have one or more workarounds associated with their class registration, enrollment, and payment processing programs.


DisasterNet: DisasterNet is a tool to easily unify and share information in the event of a disaster. Consolidate and centralize disaster information reported from various means and sources to help prevent delayed decision making. This application is available only in Japanese.

Doberman Managed Service

Doberman Managed Service: Emyode Doberman enables you to retain control over your business applications’ rapid evolution despite the exponential increase in technological complexity. This application is available only in English and French.

Docker Engine - Enterprise for Azure

Docker Engine – Enterprise for Azure: Docker Engine – Enterprise for Azure bootstraps all recommended infrastructure to start using Docker on Azure automatically so that users don't need to think about rolling their own instances, setting up security groups, or load balancing.

Dyadic EKM Server Image

Dyadic EKM Server Image: Dyadic Enterprise Key Management (EKM) lets you manage and control keys in any application deployed on Azure. It is easy to deploy and maintain and delivers greater levels of security and control for your crypto keys in the cloud.

Dynatrace OneAgent

Dynatrace OneAgent: Dynatrace OneAgent provides immediate information on application, infrastructure, and service problems by analyzing how application services interact and visualizing the impact on overall application performance.


easydoct: easydoct is a web platform for managing appointments and boosting efficiency and productivity in healthcare organizations. This application is available only in French.

EJBCA Enterprise Cloud Edition

EJBCA Enterprise Cloud Edition: EJBCA Enterprise Cloud Edition is a powerful certificate issuance and management system for issuing and enabling full lifecycle control of digital certificates and certificate authorities, registration authorities, and validation authorities.

Enterprise Password Vault

Enterprise Password Vault: Employing the latest Azure technology, Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) securely stores your enterprise passwords with the ability to control permission levels within your organization. EPV also audits access to your security resources.


Essentia: Essentia is a big data toolkit that provides improved data visibility, management, and analytics of cloud-based data lakes. Use cases include log analytics, web analytics, Internet of Things analytics, and hybrid-cloud data visibility.


FidelityEHR: FidelityEHR facilitates communication and sharing of information between team members; assists in the supervision and evaluation of staff performance; and provides real-time monitoring of costs, services, implementation, and outcomes.


flexHR: flexHR on Azure delivers comprehensive "hire to retire" functions for human capital management with insightful analytics such as wage versus revenue, output per man-hour trend, and more.


Gomedisys: Gomedisys helps centralize, organize, and manage the operational and administrative information of health service providers (clinics, hospitals, medical centers, doctors' offices, etc.), at any level of complexity. This application is available only in Spanish.

GrowthEnabler Personalized Intelligence

GrowthEnabler Personalized Intelligence: The GrowthEnabler AI- and algorithm-based global intelligence platform provides enterprises a fast way to leverage disruptive technologies, business models, and digital product innovations born out of the global startup economy.

H2Oai Sparkling Water for HDInsight Sparkling Water for HDInsight: With Sparkling Water, users can drive computation from Scala/R/Python and utilize the H2O Flow UI, providing an ideal machine learning platform for application developers.


Habilect: Habileсt is a multifunctional medical system that provides biomechanical diagnostics of body movements to prescribe therapy exercises and motivate patients both in the clinic and at home.

Hanu Managed Azure

Hanu Managed Azure: Get peace of mind and make the most of your Azure investment with Hanu Managed Azure services, including 24/7 proactive monitoring and notification, configuration management, and security management.


HEDDA.IO: HEDDA.IO enables you to build a knowledge base and use it to perform a variety of critical data quality tasks, including the correction, enrichment, and standardization of data.

HERE Maps & Location Services

HERE Maps & Location Services: This template deploys HERE’s enterprise-grade maps and location services as serverless functions.

HERE Maps & Location Services for Data Streams

HERE Maps & Location Services for Data Streams: This template deploys HERE’s enterprise-grade maps and location services as serverless functions with an Azure Event Hub and Azure Cosmos DB used in real-time data streaming and processing for data-intensive applications.

HERE Maps & Location Services for WebApp backends

HERE Maps & Location Services for WebApp backends: This template deploys HERE’s enterprise-grade maps and location services as serverless functions with a service bus and Azure Cosmos DB used as data processing back-ends for web applications.

Hinemos ver 612 with Cloud Management feature

Hinemos ver.6.1.2 with Cloud Management Feature: Hinemos is an integrated operations management solution that provides the features you need to manage complex IT systems.

Human Capital Management Software Suite

Human Capital Management Software Suite: The CatalystOne Human Capital Management Software Suite is ideal for midsize to large organizations and supports processes throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Humanify Insights Platform: The Humanify Insights Platform is a cloud-based customer and employee data platform that provides brands with a 360-degree view of customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.

Hydra Holistic Conservation

Hydra Holistic Conservation: Hydra Holistic Conservation helps you transform data into value across the entire conservation community, including park managers, security teams, tourism departments, ecologists and scientists, anti-poaching units, and more.

Hyperglance - Automatic cloud architecture diagram

Hyperglance: Automatic cloud architecture diagram: Hyperglance provides complete Azure cloud visibility with a built-in rules engine. See identified resources and their dependencies on a real-time, interactive Azure diagram that is scalable and easy to understand.

ICE - Hybrid Cloud Advisory Service Assessment UAE

ICE: Hybrid Cloud Advisory Service Assessment UAE: Intertec will divide your application ecosystem into private managed, Azure reserved instances, VM scale sets, app scale sets, app services, and DevOps sandbox environments for cost savings and a comprehensive migration.

ICE - NetApp (BYOL) Storage on Azure as a Service

ICE: NetApp (BYOL) Storage on Azure as a Service: Intertec is pleased to present storage architecture in partnership with NetApp that gives you enterprise-grade data management features and cost savings along with the financial flexibility and reliability of Azure.

ICE - Remote Workplace Suite

ICE: Remote Workplace Suite: Intertec's ICE: Remote Workplace Suite helps improve business efficiency while ensuring full compliance on data retention.

Icinga 2

Icinga 2: Shadow-Soft Icinga 2 master on CentOS is community code built on CentOS and installed and configured to monitor directly connected Linux and Windows hosts.

Iguazio Data Science Platform

Iguazio Data Science Platform: The Iguazio platform streamlines data science to production and drives fast time to value for application development based on machine learning, enabling data scientists to focus on delivering better and more powerful solutions.


Imperva-Incapsula: Imperva Incapsula secures and accelerates websites by bolstering the built-in security features of Azure with a web application firewall, DDoS mitigation, and intelligent bot protection for any website or application in a pure or hybrid Azure environment.

Improvement Platform-Nuventive

Improvement Platform-Nuventive: The Improvement Platform utilizes Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 as key architectural components. It is designed to help higher education communities plan more consistently, collaborate more effectively, and make smarter decisions.


Info ASPEN: Info ASPEN is a log data anonymization and data storage service on Azure that provides organizations with a simple solution for GDPR requirements for log data anonymization, pseudonymization, and log storage.

Informatica Big Data Management 10.2.2 BYOL

Informatica Big Data Management 10.2.2 BYOL: Informatica Big Data Management provides data management solutions to quickly and holistically integrate, govern, and secure big data for your business.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.2 BYOL

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.2 BYOL: Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog provides a machine-learning-based discovery engine to scan and catalog data assets across the enterprise – across clouds, on-premises, and big data anywhere.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users): Intellicus BI Server on Azure is an end-to-end self-service BI platform that provides advanced reporting and analytics capabilities; a semantic layer; and integrated extract, transform, and load capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users): Intellicus BI Server on Azure is an end-to-end self-service BI platform that provides advanced reporting and analytics capabilities; a semantic layer; and integrated extract, transform, and load capabilities.

Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC BYOL

Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC BYOL: The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC offers advanced application delivery and security for organizations using Azure. Ishlangu is simple to deploy, easy to manage, and provides instant results.

Jenkins With Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts

Jenkins With Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts: Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java that helps automate the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating the technical aspects of continuous delivery.

KACE Asset Management Appliance

KACE Asset Management Appliance: The KACE Asset Management Appliance provides comprehensive, flexible software and hardware asset management capabilities across a variety of platforms and helps you play a strategic role in supporting cost controls.

Kemp 360 Central (BYOL)

Kemp 360 Central (BYOL): Kemp 360 Central application delivery management and analytics offers a single point to manage your application delivery infrastructure.

Kinetica Active Analytics Platform

Kinetica Active Analytics Platform: Kinetica is a GPU-accelerated, in-memory analytics database that delivers real-time response to queries on large, complex, and streaming data sets. Its fully distributed architecture and simplified data structures lead to more predictable scale-out.

LANSA Scalable License

LANSA Scalable License: LANSA Scalable License provides users with a machine image and an Azure Resource Manager template for constructing a production-ready Windows stack to deliver LANSA web, mobile, and desktop capabilities.

Learn It Live - Population Health and Wellness

Learn It Live – Population Health and Wellness: Learn It Live is a complete health wellness learning platform for HR/benefits departments, health-focused organizations, insurance companies, and content distribution networks to leverage for their members.

Linux Chef Extension (1.2.3)

Linux Chef Extension (1.2.3): Install the Chef client on your virtual machine and bootstrap to your Chef server.


Magazine: Mavention Magazine is an easy way to create a digital magazine for your customers and employees. The platform is based on SharePoint as its content management system.

Magento on Ubuntu powered by IAANSYS

Magento on Ubuntu powered by IAANSYS: Magento is a feature-rich e-commerce platform built on open source technology that provides online merchants with flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their e-commerce store.

Mail2Cloud Archive & Collaboration

Mail2Cloud Archive & Collaboration: Mail2Cloud Archive & Collaboration provides manual or automatic capture of emails (message and attachments) from one or more accounts in an organization to cloud storage.

Mailjet Email Service

Mailjet Email Service: Mailjet's RESTful API and intuitive toolkit give developers and marketers a scalable cloud-based email infrastructure that includes sending, deliverability, and comprehensive analytics to help get the most out of each email, recipient, and inbox.

Managed cPanel Server

Managed cPanel Server: Media3 Managed cPanel Server provides a fully managed Linux server with the latest version of cPanel installed running Centos 7 as the operating system.

Master Data Management - Maestro Server V6

Master Data Management: Maestro Server V6: The Profisee Maestro Server V6 virtual machine delivers all the power of Profisee Base Server with Golden Record Management, SDK, workflows, and integrator.

Matillion ETL for Snowflake

Matillion ETL for Snowflake: Expect a significant reduction in development time and maintenance with Matillion’s intuitive UI and data transformation approach designed to take full advantage of Snowflake’s storage capacity and multi-clustered processing power.

Mavention Make

Mavention Make: Create new sites and groups in Office 365 based on templates and update existing SharePoint sites and groups with Mavention Make. This application is available only in Dutch.

Mavention Screen

Mavention Screen: Mavention Screen uses SharePoint as a content management solution, making it easy to display existing information on screens while narrowcasting without the need to re-enter content. This application is available only in Dutch.

Mavention Workspace

Mavention Workspace: Bring all your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites and groups to one place with Mavention Workspace to give users a clear overview of all their collaboration spaces. This application is available only in Dutch.

ME PasswordManagerPro 100 admins 25 keys

ME Password Manager Pro 100 admins, 25 keys: ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a web-based privileged identity management solution that lets you manage privileged identity passwords, SSH keys, and SSL certificates from a simple, consolidated platform.

ME PasswordManagerPro 25 admins 25 keys

ME Password Manager Pro 25 admins, 25 keys: ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a web-based privileged identity management solution that lets you manage privileged identity passwords, SSH keys, and SSL certificates from a simple, consolidated platform.

Meetingsbooker Simple Meetings

Meetingsbooker Simple Meetings: Meetingsbooker Simple Meetings moves booking and tracking meeting spend from an offline, labor-intensive process to a fast online solution, transforming the way your company books venues and saves on meetings.

Mendix Pro

Mendix Pro: Mendix's visual, model-driven development approach enables more users, from professional developers to citizen developers, to rapidly build web and mobile applications.


M-Files: M-Files provides a next-generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively.

Migrato Intelligent Content Classifier

Migrato Intelligent Content Classifier: The Migrato Intelligent Content Classifier enables you to classify scanned documents, documents on shares, and more. It uses AI and machine learning to allow for minimal user intervention. This application is available only in the Netherlands.

mijin BaaS on Azure 2

mijin BaaS on Azure 2: The mijin blockchain platform creates a secure data-sharing environment with high performance, zero downtime, and unfalsifiable data while reducing the cost of conventional infrastructure.


miyabi: The miyabi blockchain platform detects abnormal transactions before block generation, thereby enhancing the security as a distributed ledger. This application is available only in Japanese.

MyGet - Hosted NuGet, NPM, Bower, Maven and Vsix

MyGet – Hosted NuGet, NPM, Bower, Maven and Vsix: MyGet provides hosted NuGet, NPM, Bower, Maven, and VSIX feeds for individual developers, open source projects, and corporate development teams.

Netgate TNSR Secure Network Platform

Netgate TNSR Secure Network Platform: TNSR is a high-performance, software-based packet processing platform that enables a broad array of secure networking use cases. It features a highly scalable open source firewall, router, and VPN platform.

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation – WinServer 2019: Quickly spin up a VM running on Windows Server 2019 and easily configure it with the NVIDIA GPU instance, vCPU, memory, and storage you need without having to purchase physical hardware and infrastructure.


OFAC Search API: OFAC Search API offers fast, flexible, and accurate SDN name search through a simple API. Results can be formatted in XML or JSON.

Official MEAN Machine - Mean-io app out-of-the-box

Official MEAN Machine – app out-of-the-box: This leading web development framework allows for rapid set up and deployment of web apps, websites, web services, and APIs, offering a set of hand-picked tools enabling developers to focus on development.


OpenFrame: OpenFrame is a complete mainframe rehosting solution that lets you take (lift) your existing mainframe assets and move (shift) them to an open system platform quickly and with minimal risk.


OPNsense Firewall/Router/VPN/IDPS: OPNsense is a fully featured security platform that secures your network with features such as inline intrusion prevention, virtual private networking, two-factor authentication, captive portal, and filtering web proxy.

OpsLogix OMS Oracle Collector

OpsLogix OMS Oracle Collector: Consolidate Oracle monitoring, auditing, and log analytics into Microsoft Operations Management Suite with the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Collector for a holistic view of your Oracle environment.

OutSystems Azure AD

OutSystems Azure AD: Enable enterprise single sign-on throughout all OutSystems applications in your organization, allowing users to sign in using their organizational accounts hosted in Azure Active Directory.

Perfect Finder

Perfect Finder: Manage a diverse device ecosystem and reduce the work of IT personnel. Perfect Finder has three main functions: procurement, asset management, and support. This application is available only in Japanese.

Perfion PIM - Add-in for Business Central

Perfion PIM – Add-in for Business Central: Perfion offers product information management (PIM) fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central. Work directly with real-time ERP data such as prices and inventories from the same place you manage all other product data.

Plesk WordPress Edition Preminum

Plesk WordPress Edition Premium: Plesk WordPress Edition enables you to create a managed WordPress offer with everything you need. It is ready to deploy out-of-the-box configurations that come with preconfigured settings and our top extensions pre-installed.

Power Analytics

Power Analytics: Power Analytics is an online app for managers in midsize and large businesses who plan to implement a KPI-based BI system. The application provides insights and interactive dashboards based on corporate KPIs. This application is available only in Russian.

PrestaShop Kickstart Template

PrestaShop Kickstart Template: PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce web application that helps provide a better shopping cart experience for merchants and their customers. The solution is extendable and written in PHP to provide unlimited product customization.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling: ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is a job scheduler based on workflows. It enables enterprise batch processing and job scheduling to optimize the execution of all types of workloads.

Project Hub

Project Hub: Project Hub helps organizations structure documentation for current and past projects with a well-organized portal where customers see their projects presented visually. This application is available only in Dutch.

ProjectTools Business Productivity Products

ProjectTools Business Productivity Products: ProjectTools comprises Engage Plus, Empower Plus, and Optimise Plus, providing a cloud-based method of gathering project or asset data in real time and storing it for remote access and analysis.

ptarmigan for Azure

ptarmigan for Azure: ptarmigan is a solution that is compliant with the Lightning Network specification (BOLT) and published on Azure Marketplace for easy deployment on Azure.

PubSub  Cloud Enterprise Accounts

PubSub+ Cloud Enterprise Accounts: Leading enterprises use PubSub+ Cloud messaging as a service to enable event-driven microservices, stream data from on-premises to the cloud, build IoT applications, integrate web streaming or mobile apps, and more.

PubSub  Cloud Standard Accounts

PubSub+ Cloud Standard Accounts: Leading enterprises use PubSub+ Cloud messaging as a service to enable event-driven microservices, stream data from on-premises to the cloud, build IoT applications, integrate web streaming or mobile apps, and more.

quasardb cluster

quasardb cluster: Supporting a large selection of languages with open-source APIs, quasardb enables users to work on terabytes of data effortlessly thanks to its simple key/value model combined with instant tag-based lookups.

Questica Budget for Healthcare

Questica Budget for Healthcare: Questica works with hospitals and healthcare facilities to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making while increasing data accuracy, saving time, and improving stakeholder trust.

Questica Budget for Higher Education

Questica Budget for Higher Education: Questica Budget is a fully featured, multi-user web-based operating, salary, and capital budgeting and performance measurement tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing financial, HR, and student information systems.

Questica Budget for Local Government

Questica Budget for Local Government: By seamlessly integrating with existing financial, ERP, and other systems, Questica Budget is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and collaborative cloud-based solution for operating, capital, and salary budget preparation and management.

Questica Budget for Primary & Secondary Edu K-12

Questica Budget for Primary & Secondary Edu / K-12: Questica’s multi-user school budgeting and performance management software simplifies the assembly, tracking, analyzing, and reporting of operating, salary, and capital budgets.


RancherOS: RancherOS is a Linux distribution that runs the Docker daemon as process ID 1 and all services as system containers.

RapidMiner Server

RapidMiner Server: RapidMiner Server makes it easy to share, reuse, and operationalize models and results created in RM Studio. Its central repository, dedicated computational power, and flexible deployment options support analytic teamwork and help rapidly put results into action.


RavenHQ: RavenHQ is the official RavenDB hosting platform. Its fully managed cloud of RavenDB servers and scalable plans mean you won’t have to worry about installation, updates, availability, performance, security, or backups again.


Raygun: Raygun provides effortless error tracking for your applications, helping you find problems and fix bugs faster. With just a line or two of code, Raygun works with all major mobile and web programming languages in a matter of minutes.

Riverbed SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead

Riverbed SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead: Manage, configure, and monitor Riverbed products from a single web application and centralize enterprise-level policy management and reporting for greater control over global network deployments.

Safetica DLP

Safetica DLP: Safetica is a cost-effective, easy-to-use data loss prevention (DLP) solution. It protects sensitive data and covers all major data leak channels (email, cloud, external devices, websites, social media, clipboard, and printer media).

Saviynt for Azure

Saviynt for Azure: Saviynt's comprehensive cloud identity and access governance solution secures all data, infrastructure, and critical application assets under a single, unified platform.

SendGrid Email Delivery

SendGrid Email Delivery: SendGrid's proven platform successfully delivers over 18 billion transactional and marketing related emails each month for Internet and mobile-based customers as well as more traditional enterprises.

Signature 365

Signature 365: Signature 365 is a marketing tool that offers efficient central management of employee e-signatures in Microsoft Outlook, with all employee information stored and selected from Active Directory.

Sitecore Managed Service on Azure

Sitecore Managed Service on Azure: RDA’s Sitecore Managed Service on Azure is a comprehensive offering that keeps your digital solutions performing at the highest levels, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional experiences to your customers.

Solix Common Data Platform

Solix Common Data Platform: The Solix Common Data Platform is big data management solution for modern data-driven enterprises. It leverages leading open source big data technologies to help companies better manage and process structured and unstructured data.


SureSpot: SureSpot allows motorists to easily make reservations at parking facilities without cash or waiting in long lines. Motorists can reserve a parking spot at any of SureSpot's participating facilities and rest assured that they will have a place to park when they arrive.

System Answer

System Answer: Targeting the education sector, System Answer features centralized management of hybrid cloud environments, problem analysis/predictive detection, and security measures including integrated log management. This application is available only in Japanese.

TAAP Healthcare  - Discharge Management System

TAAP Healthcare – Discharge Management System: The TAAP Healthcare – Discharge Management System removes paper and spreadsheets, allows data to be captured in real time, and enables healthcare professionals to make actionable decisions based on real-time data.

Taxcel BI App

Taxcel BI App: The Taxcel BI web app automatically converts SPED files to dashboards without the need for integration with your ERP system, helping you gain insight into your business through Power BI visualizations. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Teradata Server Management

Teradata Server Management: Teradata Server Management monitors Teradata Vantage instances and generates alerts related to database and operating system errors and operational state changes, increasing efficiency in Teradata environment server management.

Teradata Unity with IntelliSphere

Teradata Unity with IntelliSphere: Teradata Unity is a key enabling technology for synchronization and workload routing between Teradata Vantage systems that provides active-active database availability with near-zero recovery time objectives/recovery point objectives.

The Deep Learning Reference Stack

The Deep Learning Reference Stack: The Deep Learning Reference Stack is an integrated, open source stack optimized for Intel Xeon Scalable platforms. This community release helps ensure AI developers have easy access to all features and functionalities of Intel platforms.

theStore2 Retail Lab

theStore2 Retail Lab: theStore2 is a virtual studio for fast prototyping of trade and category management concepts, consumer pretests, advanced analytics, and sales force training.

Tibero 6 Enterprise Edition

Tibero 6 Enterprise Edition: Tibero 6 is a high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable relational database management system for enterprises that want to fully leverage their mission-critical data.

Tibero 6 Standard Edition

Tibero 6 Standard Edition: Tibero 6 is a high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable relational database management system for enterprises that want to fully leverage their mission-critical data.

Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing

Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing: Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing is an AI-based data-driven product family for healthcare and welfare that makes decision making faster and more accurate while increasing the efficiency and reliability of health and wellbeing services.

TmaxSoft WebtoB 5 Enterprise Edition

TmaxSoft WebtoB 5 Enterprise Edition: The WebtoB web server delivers fast, stable processing by consuming fewer resources through optimized service request distribution (multiplexing) via a single process.

Understand IoT

UnderStand IoT: Edge UnderStand is a standalone device equipped with high quality sensors that constantly monitor and measure multiple parameters. The readings are then transmitted to a cloud-based server and are available immediately.

UniKix Mainframe Re-hosting Software

UniKix Mainframe Re-hosting Software: With UniKix Mainframe Re-hosting Software, you can run mission-critical online and batch workloads on cost-effective Azure platforms. The solution preserves existing application investments and extends the benefits of distributed platforms.

UXP Security Server

UXP Security Server: UXP Security Server acts as a gateway between an organization’s information system and the UXP infrastructure. Supporting SOAP and REST messages, it enables you to establish seamless, secure communication between organizations.

ViewPoint Cloud

ViewPoint Cloud: ViewPoint Cloud is cloud-based software for permitting, licensing, and code enforcement operations. The all-in-one platform offers a user-friendly experience for public applicants integrated with workflow automation for department staff.

Vishaka - PoSH Compliance

Vishaka – PoSH Compliance: Vishaka is a regulatory solution designed to help organizations based in India comply with India’s PoSH Act 2013 mandate. Vishaka boosts awareness through online trainings, policies, surveys, and annual compliance reports.

VNS3 (Firewall-Router-VPN)

VNS3 (Firewall/Router/VPN): Cohesive Networks VNS3 is a security and network routing virtual appliance built for Azure to support most Internet Protocol Security data center solutions.

Vormetric Tokenization Server

Vormetric Tokenization Server Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking dramatically reduces the cost and effort required to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates while making it easy to protect other sensitive data.


WAPPLES SA: WAPPLES SA is a cloud-based web security solution for protecting business applications from attacks by analyzing HTTP/HTTPS traffic using the COCEP logic-based detection engine.

WaWa Office

WaWa Office: Targeting the education sector, WaWa Office is highly expandable groupware that uses a corporate LAN to streamline information sharing and communication. This application is available only in Japanese.

WellLine SaaS

WellLine SaaS: WellLine is a knowledge graph for wells that establishes and enriches asset timelines, enabling oil and gas companies to create a powerful digital knowledge layer for wells.


WHOOG: A management solution for staff replacement in the health sector based on employee volunteering, WHOOG is revolutionizing the management of planned or urgent replacement needs. This application is available only in French.

Wormhole Campus

Wormhole Campus: Distance learning and training platform Wormhole Campus is used by hundreds of companies, governments, and educational institutions to manage, develop, and market online training programs. This application is available only in Spanish.

Xytech MediaPulse

Xytech MediaPulse: The MediaPulse facility management system has over 30 integrated and highly configurable modules designed to support project management, rental management, asset management, and personnel scheduling.


ZAML: Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) empowers financial institutions with the tools to build, document, and monitor machine learning credit underwriting models in production, enabling them to be compliant with federal regulations.


Zerto: Zerto protects your private cloud infrastructure by deploying disaster recovery in Azure and helps create hybrid cloud environments by integrating your on-premises infrastructure with public clouds.

Zerto Virtual Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication: Zerto Virtual Replication protects your private cloud infrastructure by deploying disaster recovery in Azure and helps create hybrid cloud environments by integrating your on-premises infrastructure with public clouds.

Consulting Services

Advanced Azure Identity Management 1-Hr Briefing

Advanced Azure Identity Management: 1-Hr Briefing: Identity management in the cloud offers a wide range of benefits. This 1-hour briefing will show you how to integrate your on-premises identity with Azure.

Azure Cloud Roadmap   BluePrint 4-Week Assessment

Azure Cloud Roadmap + BluePrint: 4-Week Assessment: Work with BlueSilverShift to build a customized roadmap for your journey to the Azure cloud. More than a simple cloud readiness assessment, this solution delivers a blueprint for implementation and long-term success.

Azure Data Center Migration 1-Hr Briefing

Azure Data Center Migration: 1-Hr Briefing: Microsoft Gold partner TWE Solutions will brief you on the pros and cons of moving infrastructure and services to the cloud, providing a high-level overview of the benefits and best practices for migration.

Azure Disaster Recovery 1-Hr Briefing

Azure Disaster Recovery: 1-Hr Briefing: This briefing from partner TWE Solutions provides information on the benefits of using Azure to implement a disaster recovery plan for your data and IT services, touching on cloud security and failover testing.

AzureReady Managed Services 1-Wk Briefing

AzureReady Managed Services: 1-Wk Briefing: Microsoft Gold partner 3Cloud will manage your Azure services with a focus on efficiency, cost control, and support. This briefing will review your infrastructure and deliver a design of your base Azure architecture.

Citrix on Azure 5 Day Proof of Concept

Citrix on Azure: 5 Day Proof of Concept: Coretek Services will work with you to implement or extend your use of Azure with a proof-of-concept Citrix environment. By the end of the engagement, you will have a PoC app or desktop environment to leverage for testing.

Data Migration to Power BI 3-Day Proof of Concept

Data Migration to Power BI: 3-Day Proof of Concept: TwoConnect can help you migrate your data to Azure and create Power BI dashboards that streamline all your sources and enable you to easily visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

Data Science & Engineering 1-Hr Briefing

Data Science & Engineering: 1-Hr Briefing: The Data Analysis Bureau offers a discovery session to help you understand how data science can drive value to your business using your Azure architecture, helping to improve operational collaboration and business efficiency.

Data Science & Machine Learning 1 Day Workshop

Data Science & Machine Learning: 1 Day Workshop: The Data Analysis Bureau delivers a tailored, one-day data discovery workshop to accelerate your data science and machine learning projects with your key business stakeholders.

Device Management System 2-Weeks Assessment

Device Management System: 2-Weeks Assessment: This offer from Microsoft Gold partner Communication Square delivers an assessment of application requirements, user personas, and business goals to help IT directors work toward a more productive user experience.

Device Management System 2-Weeks Proof of Concept

Device Management System: 2-Weeks Proof of Concept: This PoC from Microsoft Gold partner Communication Square delivers a production environment demo to help IT directors support a diverse mobile ecosystem, protect data, and deliver a productive user experience.

First Line Workers System-1 Hour Briefing

First Line Workers System-1 Hour Briefing: This briefing from Communication Square will help you better understand how to promote first line workers' remote participation in town halls, enable employees to build on the work of others, and tap into data for new insights.

First Line Workers System-1 Week Assessment

First Line Workers System-1 Week Assessment: This assessment by Communication Square will deliver a production environment demo of an ideal use case of First Line Workers System, a scalable Azure solution that helps connect a workforce utilizing voice, video, and chat.

First Line Workers System-2 Week Proof of Concept

First Line Workers System-2 Week Proof of Concept: This PoC from Communication Square delivers a fully functional, five-user setup of First Line Workers System, a productive Azure-based solution that helps connect a workforce utilizing voice, video, and chat.

First Line Workers System-4 Week Implementation

First Line Workers System-4 Week Implementation: This offer from Communication Square implements First Line Workers System, an Azure- and cloud-based productivity solution that helps IT directors connect to their workforce utilizing voice, video, and chat.

HIPPA Ready Healthcare System 2-Weeks PoC

HIPPA Ready Healthcare System: 2-Weeks PoC: This proof of concept from Communication Square shows how businesses can securely work with remote customers and define who can access data and what they can do with it. This is a fully functional setup for up to five users.

HIPPA Ready Healthcare System 1 Week Assessment

HIPPA Ready Healthcare System: 1 Week Assessment: This assessment from Communication Square will help a business explore HIPAA Ready Healthcare System as a solution to ensure communication and collaboration are compliant per industry-defined standards.

Integration Scoping Workshop - 6 Day

Integration Scoping Workshop – 6 Day: Black Marble consultants will assess existing integration interfaces, review how to move into the cloud with Azure Logic Apps, and develop a technical document outlining an adoption plan.

IoT - AI 80 Hour Assessment in Manufacturing

IoT / AI: 80 Hour Assessment in Manufacturing: System One Digital will visit your plant to assess areas of opportunity, summarize the ROI of an IoT/AI project, and demonstrate how Azure technologies can be used.

Machine Learning 1-Hr Briefing

Machine Learning: 1-Hr Briefing: This discovery session from The Data Analysis Bureau will help you understand how to utilize your Azure architecture to accelerate your machine learning projects to return value to your business and improve your business productivity.

Mainframe Migration 6-Wk Assessment

Mainframe Migration: 6-Wk Assessment: This assessment from Asysco enables the analysis of mainframe systems and planning for Azure migration along with key requirements and risks. You will receive a migration plan and target architecture for required Azure components.

Managed Azure Governance 2-Day Assessment

Managed Azure Governance: 2-Day Assessment: Blue Silver Shift will show you in two days how to achieve a stress-free Azure governance and cost containment strategy, implementation, and monthly monitoring, with a focus on maximizing the return on your investment.

Quick Azure Diagnostic - 3-Wk assessment

Quick Azure Diagnostic – 3-Wk assessment: This assessment by FX Innovation will help you understand the impact of Azure, ensure the right resources are in place, and find out the security mechanisms and governance approach that can maximize your investment.

Secure Communication System 4-Week Implementation

Secure Communication System: 4-Week Implementation: This deep, Azure-based engagement from Communication Square leads to a robust implementation of Secure Communication System, a phone solution that utilizes a cloud-based unified communication solution.

SQL 2008 Migration Assessment - 1 to 5 days

SQL 2008 Migration Assessment – 1 to 5 days: Emyode’s Migration Assessment is a complete review of your context, challenges, databases, and applications, creating a high-level architecture and global action plan for a successful migration.

SQL 2008 Migration w-real scenario (PoC) 1-5 days

SQL 2008 Migration w/real scenario (PoC) 1-5 days: On July 9, 2019, all support for SQL 2008 will end. Emyode will demonstrate a scenario of migrating your database in Azure as a proof of concept, validating and ensuring all the steps work within your context.

SQL 2008 Migration Workshop & Demo 1 day Briefing

SQL 2008 Migration Workshop & Demo 1 day Briefing: Understand your options and the benefits of leveraging SQL 2008 EOS and migrating to Azure with Emyode's comprehensive one-on-one workshop and demonstration of the migration process.

Value Discovery Approach 6 weeks assessment

Value Discovery Approach: 6 weeks assessment: The Infosys Value Discovery Approach focuses on data collection and technical discovery to baseline the mainframe portfolio for Azure migration. The objective is evaluating the landscape from business and technical aspects.

Website-eCommerce Azure Migration 5-hour Imp

Website/eCommerce Azure Migration: 5-hour Imp.: Atmosera will help you evaluate website workloads, performance, and architecture to develop the optimal Azure environment. You will receive a detailed report and a roadmap that highlights investment options and tradeoffs.

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