Exploring the Micorosoft Healthcare Bot partner program

This post was co-authored by Hadas Bitran, Group Manager, Microsoft Healthcare Israel.

Every day, healthcare organizations are beginning their digital transformation journey with the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service built on Azure. The Healthcare Bot service empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experience at scale. The service combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools, and compliance constructs, allowing healthcare organizations such as providers, payers, pharma, HMOs, and telehealth to give people access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

Healthcare organizations can leverage the Healthcare Bot Service on their digital transformation journey today, as we announced in our blog Microsoft Healthcare Bot brings conversational AI to healthcare. That’s why we are so happy to share more information on the Healthcare Bot Service partner program. Our Healthcare Bot certified partners empower healthcare organizations to successfully deploy virtual assistants on the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service. Working with an official partner, healthcare organizations can achieve the full potential of the Microsoft Healthcare Bot by leveraging the expertise and experience of partners who understand the business needs and challenges in healthcare.

This new program is open to existing Microsoft partners that support organizations in the healthcare domain, and delivers the training and resources required to support customers with end to end solutions using Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot Service. The program is designed to support partner success and enable partners to provide tailored solutions using the Healthcare Bot service as a foundation.

With the power of the cloud and a platform that is uniquely built for healthcare conversational intelligence, partners can quickly demonstrate value and iterate on solutions for customers. Official partners have access to partner-only resources and benefits that will enable them to provide customers with differentiated and value-added offerings such as:

  • Partner listing in the Healthcare Bot partner directory.
  • Preferential messaging tiers.
  • Free demonstration and proof of concept Healthcare Bot Instances.
  • Direct support channel from the product team.
  • Partner resources including sales materials, product updates and release notes.

The Microsoft Healthcare Bot service helps partners bring conversational AI to innovative healthcare organizations. Partners can support healthcare organizations to deploy customized conversational experiences at scale, reducing costs and improving outcomes for their patients with virtual assistants built to complement their healthcare services.

The Healthcare Bot provides partners with a comprehensive platform to automate healthcare engagements and provides patients with instant access to the services they need. The service facilitates multi-channel healthcare conversations such as chat bots or handoff to live nurses over Microsoft Teams. Partners can build differentiated offerings and create unique conversational healthcare experiences that support the type of digital interaction required by the patient.

Next steps

Partners interested in certification should submit a request to HealthBotSupport@microsoft.com. Healthcare organizations seeking certified Healthcare Bot partners can find more information in the official partner directory.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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