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In November we announced Azure Synapse Analytics—a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. Despite the massive disruptions occurring throughout industries in recent months, we continue to see a high level of excitement and enthusiasm for joining the private preview to use analytics in these times of crisis. Thank you to those who participated in the private preview for rallying around this groundbreaking technology, and for providing insightful feedback as we work together to fuel your innovation with purpose.

As we’ve worked closely with customers and partners during private preview, we have witnessed how Azure Synapse brings teams, data, and skills together. And as announced in the Build keynote, we are excited to open the new features to every data professional with public preview availability.

Insights for all

Azure Synapse provides a breathtaking view of your data across data warehouses and big data analytics systems. Bringing these two worlds together into a single service is challenging as it requires unifying similar concepts that operate differently in each world such as security, privacy, and performance. With Azure Synapse, this seamless unification of data warehousing and big data not only simplifies a business’s analytics platform, but also breaks down silos that exist today because of teams, data, and skills.

Team silos

Bring data teams together and enable them to seamlessly and securely collaborate, share, and analyze data. As data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics can all be done from a single-pane-of-glass, businesses can break down organizational silos that stagnate time to insight.

Data silos

Manage, secure, and analyze all types of data. A single service can query structured or semi-structured data with data warehousing resources, and also quickly execute a serverless query over unstructured data from your data lake. Enable your data professionals to build end-to-end analytics solutions without having to stitch a multitude of services together.

Take dissolving data silos to the next level with Azure Synapse Link—a cloud-native hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) implementation now available in public preview. This technology removes the barriers between Azure database services and Azure Synapse—enabling customers to get insights from their live transactional data stored in their operational databases with a single click, without managing data movement or placing a burden on their operational systems.

 Get insights from live transactional data stored in operational databases with a single click using the new Azure Synapse Link technology.

Skill silos

Bring all the existing skills across your business together to accomplish more with your data. With the deeply integrated Apache Spark and SQL engines in Azure Synapse, data professionals who prefer familiar SQL can seamlessly collaborate with those who prefer Spark—and vice versa. For instance, those familiar or who prefer SQL can query Spark tables using the T-SQL language. And data engineers or data scientists who prefer languages such as Python, Scala, SparkSQL, or C# can transform data, train models, and create proofs of concept in the same service that houses data pipelines, data lakes, and data warehouses.

Dissolving these silos is why companies like Neogrid choose Azure Synapse Analytics.

“Azure Synapse naturally facilitates collaboration and brings our data teams together. Working in the same analytics service will enable our teams to develop advanced analytics solutions faster, as well as provide a simplified and fast way to securely access and share data in a compliant manner.”

Emerson Tobar, CTO, Neogrid

Logo for the company Neogrid

Cost savings with industry-leading price-performance

Providing insights for all across your business is the key purpose of analytics. However, the cost it takes to discover and share those insights is equally important.

Azure Synapse Analytics has you covered. Early last year, we announced an independent study by GigaOm that compared Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery using the highly recognized TPC-H benchmark queries. They found that Azure Synapse is up to 14x faster and costs 94 percent less than other cloud providers. A few months later, we announced a second benchmark report from GigaOm that used the TPC-DS benchmark queries that found Azure Synapse was again the industry leader in price performance. And today, we remain the undisputed leader with businesses reporting an average ROI of 271% when using Azure Synapse.

With the new public preview features, customers can continue to enjoy the industry-leading price performance for provisioned workloads, and begin leveraging the new serverless consumption model that offers pay-per-query functionality. With two ways to analyze data, customers can choose the most cost-effective option for each use case.

Advanced security at no additional cost

When it comes to data, security and privacy are paramount as the insights discovered using analytics are as precious as gold. Advanced security and privacy are built into the fabric of Azure Synapse, such as automated threat detection and always-on data encryption. And for fine-grained access control, businesses can help ensure data stays safe and private using column-level security and native row-level security, as well as dynamic data masking to automatically protect sensitive data in real-time. Most importantly, these critical features are available to all Azure Synapse customers at no additional cost.

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