Bing shopping: Introducing new image-based product search

Since the last month’s update on “4 ways to save money”, we continue to see more shoppers search for products on our platform to get the best price, across sellers. In this update, we are excited to introduce new image-based search experiences on Bing Shopping.

Below are 3 tips that will significantly improve the product search experience of our shoppers. And the improved product discovery better enables the businesses on our platform.

Tip #1: Like a look? Find where you can buy it!

It’s so often that we like a look but have trouble thinking of a search term to find it. Welcome to visual search on Bing Shopping! With one click you can now discover products that match the visual design across all sellers in our platform. We’ve currently launched this for clothing and shoe departments, with plans to extend this to home d├ęcor soon. Give it a try: search for shoes right away!


Tip #2 Saw something on the web or have an image on your camera? Shop it!

Bing Shopping search box now comes with a camera icon. It allows you to upload or capture any product image to find the best price across all sellers in our platform. Try visual search now!


Tip #3: This goes well with that!

 Bing Shopping now suggests what “goes well with” the dress you are searching on our platform. Don’t forget to check out Goes Well With the next time you plan to buy clothing online.

Thanks for using Bing Shopping. We will continue to help our shoppers with better product discovery and savings, from the larger array of stores in our platform.
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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