Join the WONDER WOMAN 1984 code challenge with our new browser extension

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft has partnered with WONDER WOMAN 1984 to create a code challenge and browser extension inspired by the upcoming theatrical release of WONDER WOMAN 1984.

To help tell this story, we’re releasing a coding challenge that invites fans to help Wonder Woman recover her sword and shield. The artifacts are in a hidden vault that can only be opened with a collection of codes scattered across the internet that fans can unlock with problem-solving and digital skills. The first clue can be found hidden on the Bing homepage on 8/10.

To help users further immerse themselves in Wonder Woman’s journey, we’re also releasing a browser extension across Edge, Chrome, and Firefox that provides real-time updates on the WONDER WOMAN 1984 & Microsoft Code Hunt Sweepstakes, and gives users access to official artwork, trailers, and more. 

Closer to the movie’s theatrical release, we will also be launching a new WONDER WOMAN 1984 browser theme available for Microsoft Edge so you can customize your browser even more.


Source: Bing Blog Feed

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