Headline: Get caught up to speed on the US elections so you can cast an informed vote

Our goal with Microsoft Bing is to deliver experiences that give back to our users. That’s why we’re excited about our 2020 elections answers in the Bing search results, which save you time by helping you quickly find the elections information you’re looking for.
One feature is our rich candidate answers. We know many people are interested in learning more about the candidates they are considering voting for. When you search a political candidate’s name, Microsoft Bing results show comprehensive information on that individual, such as their stance on important issues, trending news featuring them, endorsements, quotes, polling information, and more. The breadth of information may vary depending on factors such as the level of detail candidates have officially endorsed as their platform, the size of their campaign, and more. What doesn’t change between candidates – from candidates for the presidential election down to those running for local offices – is our commitment to providing you with information from diverse sources so you can get caught up to speed quickly and feel you are making an informed decision.

Another feature Microsoft Bing offers is a broader elections answer for general questions you may have beyond those about a specific candidate. Search things like ‘Arizona Senate race’, ‘election 2020’, and ‘Washington governor race’, and you’ll get an answer that lets you browse and discover top relevant information. You can click through to get details on state- and district-level elections, on amendments up for vote, and on other things that appear on your ballot. From this experience, you can also click back to search for specific candidates or issues if you want to learn more.


We hope you’re as excited by these features as we are, and as always, please feel free to provide feedback on Bing.com by clicking ‘feedback’ on the lower right corner of search results. Thanks!
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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