Learn about the latest innovations: Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture

At Microsoft Ignite, I presented the “Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture” session to give a tour of the latest innovations around how Azure enables intelligent, modern, and innovative applications at scale in the cloud, on-premises, and on the edge.

I start by taking a look at our datacenters and our intelligent infrastructure, and how we’re applying machine learning for artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) across different services. I cover networking, including physical networking architecture as well as the logical services that run on top of it. I highlight some of our largest servers, as well as some of our smallest and coldest servers.

I provide an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) update, showing how we’re making it much easier for you to author ARM templates using a new language. I demonstrate how we’re leveraging confidential computing to make it easier for you to protect your data while it’s in use. In the storage space, I show new ways we can store data efficiently, with extremely high-density, for millennia.

Since this blog post is part of our Advancing Reliability series, I should also point out that this Microsoft Ignite session provides a first-look at Azure Chaos Studio, currently in private preview—which is our upcoming native chaos engineering and fault injection service that will help you to measure, understand, and improve the resilience of your Azure applications.

Watch my full Microsoft Ignite session “Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture” below.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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