New product comparison features on Bing Shopping

A common pain point on online shopping we’ve heard from users is that most searches yield hundreds of results, making it hard for shoppers to decide on a product. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the latest updates on Bing Shopping, which make product comparison simple so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.
For example, a simple query like “laptops” can return a lot of options. To help you narrow them down, our Shopping experience now comes with aggregated ratings, expert reviews, and product specifications, along with price history and comparison across sellers. This helps you make a quick comparison at a glance instead of having to click back and forth between lots of different item pages.


Click any of the details on these results, and you’ll be taken to a product detail page that provides deeper insights. If you like the item but are not sure about your wallet, on this page you can also opt to track price changes for your desired item, so you get notified whenever the price drops in the future! 

You can explore this for yourself with a search for laptops, and learn more about other Shopping features on our posts on “nearby product search”, “save money tips” and “image based product search”. Our goal is to continue to help shoppers quickly find what they’re looking for at a good price; if you have any ideas or feedback on how we’re doing, please drop us a note via the ‘Feedback’ button on the lower right corner of any page. Thank you! 
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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