5 reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event

Be more productive and agile with hybrid cloud solutions. Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event. June 29, 2021

Now’s the time to register for the free Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time, delivered in partnership with Intel. Join us to learn how to be more productive and agile with hybrid and multicloud solutions from Azure.

Here are five reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event:

1. Be among the first to hear a major Azure Arc announcement. Learn how to bring cloud capabilities to your data workloads across hybrid and multicloud environments.

2. Learn how Azure customers are using hybrid and multicloud solutions. Organizations of all sizes are making their hybrid goals a reality with the help of Azure hybrid solutions. Explore the business benefits that Azure customers are realizing:

  • Find out how Avanade is investing across its portfolio of services to make hybrid infrastructure more scalable, flexible, and secure with Azure Arc.
  • Learn how Siemens Healthineers deploy and manage apps on Kubernetes clusters across tens of thousands of locations with Azure Arc.
  • Hear how SKF Group creates more reliability, predictability, and sustainability in their research and technology development with Azure Arc–enabled data services.

3. See Azure hybrid and multicloud solutions in action. Watch demos for hybrid and multicloud solutions and see how they would work in real-world use cases. Hear from Azure engineers and experts about hybrid services, including:

  • Azure Arc and Azure Arc–enabled data services.
  • Azure Stack HCI.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI.

4. Discover how to be more productive and agile with hybrid cloud solutions. Azure offers the most comprehensive selection of hybrid and multicloud solutions. Explore the hybrid and multicloud portfolio designed to help you achieve a wide variety of hybrid goals:

  • Quickly build, deploy, and update apps across all environments.
  • Help to ensure governance, compliance, and security for deployments.
  • Help improve availability and performance in hybrid environments.
  • Run Azure services anywhere.

5. Get answers to your hybrid questions. Use the event live chat to ask any hybrid cloud questions you may have and get insights from the product experts and engineers building hybrid and multicloud solutions. You’ll also have the opportunity to get answers from Microsoft leaders during the live Q&A panel at the end of the event.

Register for the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event

Join us to hear more about these benefits, engage with Microsoft leaders and product experts, and explore solutions from the cloud built for hybrid. We hope to see you there!

Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)

Delivered in partnership with Intel.

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