Bing Content submission API is now open to all webmasters

Evangelizing the new wave of empowering webmasters to have more control on their content which they want search engines and searchers to adopt for, Bing had launched its Bing Content Submission API in Beta mode earlier in May, this year. The API provides the ability for webmasters to notify Bing directly about the changes in their site content in real-time.

With an overwhelming response and great feedbacks from website owners who had adopted the API, we are pleased to announce that Bing Content Submission API is now open for all to implement and to start sending their content changes to Bing, not only to reach more relevant users on Bing but also to reduce BingBot crawl load on their sites.

This API along with our earlier launched URL submissions API will now give website owners much more flexibility into sending the updated content and URLs to Bing as soon as the changes are made, so that searchers can see the updated content as soon as the changes are made by website owners.

We are excited to public the API to our users and we are here listening to your feedback. We will continue to learn and improve at larger scale and adjust crawl rates for sites implementing the API, so as to give maximum benefit in terms of not only indexation but also crawl load management and freshness of the content to searchers.

For implementation details, please refer to the earlier post – Easy set-up guide for Bing’s Content Submission API or to the technical documentation provided. In case you face any challenges during the integration, you can reach out at

Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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