Microsoft Bing + Shopify integration is now live!

In October we announced a new integration with Shopify which will enable shoppers across Microsoft to get more diverse products, great prices, and improved discovery of deals. Now, we’re excited to share that the experiences are live.

Just head to Microsoft Bing and search for products that you have been looking for. With the integration of Shopify, you will now have access to millions of merchants to select from. And when you get that perfect set of “boho solid colored pajamas”, just click the “Buy Now” link to reach the shopping cart page directly – one less step to complete your shopping.


Shopify is integrated into the Shopping vertical on Microsoft Bing as well, and when you search for products, you will find the wide selection, as well as “Buy now” button to easily complete your shopping.


These products will also be available on Microsoft Start. We’re excited to launch our integration with Shopify to provide our shoppers a delightful experience with wider variety of products, better prices and convenience of “buy now”. 

Happy Shopping!
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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