You’ll <3 Curated Valentine’s Day Gift Guides on Microsoft Bing

Love is in the air, and what’s sweeter than chocolate on Valentine’s Day?  We think it’s finding the perfect gift quickly, easily, and well ahead of February 14th thanks to curated gift guides on Microsoft Bing. Whether your Valentine’s shopping is focused on a great deal, a romantic classic, or new ideas this year, the shopping features on Microsoft Bing have got you covered! 

If you’re waiting for inspiration to strike, Bing’s Valentine Gift Ideas and Editor’s Picks can help you think about big ideas or can help narrow the focus if you have your eye on a gentleman’s watch or some diamond stud earrings to celebrate. And if you start your shopping by searching for Valentine’s Day from the homepage, we’re here to help with a reminder of just how quickly February 14th is approaching with our countdown to Valentine’s Day 2022.


If you’re more of a classic Valentine’s gift-giver, with your sweetheart favoring flowers, chocolates, cologne, or jewelry, Bing’s gift guide provides both choice and convenience to order and receive ahead of the big day.  If you’re ordering a flower bouquet, Bing shows options across flower delivery services, local options, as well as prices and potential savings up front. If chocolates have your heart, you can choose from a Valentine’s variety from Walmart, Truffles from Harry & David or classic celebration hearts from See’s Candies, all one quick click away. And if a whiff of the classic Chanel N°5 makes you smile, you’ll see perfume options across stores, price ranges, as well as price history (just in case your wallet suggests that spritz might smell better for a birthday gift next month).


If you’re looking for new ideas or to branch out a bit more this year, curated categories like spa gift baskets, fun matching pajamas, ideas for the best deals, or even recipes to cook up a romantic Valentine’s meal for two are all available through on Microsoft Bing. And for our friends in India, Italy, and Spain, our Editor’s Picks for Valentine’s inspiration are available for the first time this year in those markets!

Valentine’s Day is also a great occasion to spread the love even more broadly! If you are celebrating with friends, showing your home some love, or showering your whole family with affection this year, our gift guides provide great ideas for all the loves in your life. We have gift options for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Animal Lovers, Road Warriors, Tech Aficionados, Bakers, Gardeners, and more!  

And even if you have waited until the last possible moment, and our Valentine’s countdown has told you tomorrow is the big day, Mirosoft Bing has you covered in one click to grab a last minute gift card and nobody will ever know that you almost ran out the clock!

So, whether you have a romantic celebration planned, your true love is your dog, or you’re after a fun Valentine’s surprise for your whole family, Bing shopping’s gift guides have ideas you’ll simply <3!
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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