Announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver: Now in preview

A quick overview of Azure DNS

We offer two types of Azure DNS Zones—private and public—for hosting your private DNS and public DNS records.

Reference architecture with a hybrid setup where Express Route is configured on-prem and connected to a centralized Virtual Network on Azure. In one virtual network, there are 2 endpoints configured which are part of Azure DNS Private Resolver. The other virtual network has a workload running with private endpoints configured for a storage account

  • Azure Private DNS: Azure Private DNS provides a reliable and secure DNS service for your virtual network. Azure Private DNS manages and resolves domain names in the virtual network without the need to configure a custom DNS solution. By using private DNS zones, you can use your own custom domain name instead of the Azure-provided names during deployment.
  • Azure Public DNS: DNS domains in Azure DNS are hosted on Azure's global network of DNS name servers. Azure DNS uses anycast networking. Each DNS query is answered by the closest available DNS server to provide fast performance and high availability for your domain.

More information on additional services part of the Azure DNS offering can be found in the Azure DNS product page.

What is being announced today?

Azure Private DNS Resolver enables you to query Azure Private DNS Zones from an on-premises environment and vice versa without provisioning IaaS-based DNS solutions.

Azure DNS Private Resolver preview is being announced to all customers and will have regional availability in the following regions:

  • Australia East
  • UK South
  • North Europe
  • South Central US
  • West US 3
  • East US
  • North Central US
  • Central US EUAP
  • East US 2 EUAP
  • West Central US
  • East US 2
  • West Europe

All of these regions support Availability Zones and will help with the regional and global resiliency story of customer workloads!

What will customers be able to do today that they couldn’t do before?

Customers will no longer need to provision IaaS-based solutions on their virtual networks to resolve names registered on Azure Private DNS Zones and will be able to do conditional forwarding of domains back to on-premises, across multicloud providers, and public DNS servers.

This solution will also work with your existing Azure ExpressRoute, Azure VPN or Azure Bastion setup in a seamless way.

Customers will also be able to manage their DNS settings at a Virtual Network level in a very simplified way by linking rules to each of their Virtual Networks and enabling conditional forwarding at scale.

Private access to your Private DNS Zones

Conditionally forward from your virtual networks to any reachable DNS server and from on-premises to Azure Private DNS Zones.

Plus, the following benefits

  • Zero Maintenance: Fully managed service which does not require you to patch or plan for any downtime of your service.
  • Cost Reduction: Run at a fraction of traditional IaaS solutions which typically would require planning for high availability, resiliency, and backup of configurations.
  • Highly Available: Built-in high availability, zone redundancy. You will no longer need to plan for availability zones awareness nor how many instances to provision per region Azure availability zones are physically separate locations within each Azure region that are tolerant to local failures and are connected by a high-performance network with a round-trip latency of less than 2ms.
  • DevOps Friendly: Build your pipelines with Terraform, Azure Resource Manager, REST API support, Go, Typescript/Javascript. This will allow you to keep a consistent configuration and experience across regions and different instances of your service.

Get started and share your feedback

You can try Azure DNS Private Resolver today. For more information about the capabilities available, please visit the Azure DNS Private Resolver technical documentation. Post your ideas and suggestions on the networking community page. More information on additional services part of the Azure DNS offering can be found in the Azure DNS product page.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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