Enhanced Azure Arc integration with Datadog simplifies hybrid and multicloud observability

Businesses today are managing complex, distributed environments and need a ubiquitous computing platform for all workloads that can meet them where they are. We’ve seen an increasing need for customers to not only deploy, manage, and operate across on-premises and one or more clouds, but also to have better visibility and insights across all IT investments spanning cloud to edge.

Today, we’re delivering improved observability and management with the general availability of our enhanced Microsoft Azure Arc integration with Datadog. Building on our established collaboration, we are natively integrating Datadog with Azure Arc to meet customers where they are and provide rich insights from Azure Arc–enabled resources directly into Datadog dashboards. Customers can monitor real-time data during cloud migrations and performance of applications running both in the public cloud and in hybrid or multicloud environments.

Benefits of Azure Arc integration with Datadog

With the Azure Arc integration with Datadog, customers can:

  • Monitor the connection status and agent version of Azure Arc–enabled servers, wherever they are running.
  • Automatically add Azure tags to associated hosts in Datadog for additional context.
  • Identify which Azure Arc–enabled servers have the Datadog Agent installed.
  • Deploy the Datadog Agent onto your Azure Arc–enabled servers as an extension.
  • Get unified billing for the Datadog service through Azure subscription invoicing.

Datadog is a cloud-scale monitoring and security platform for large-scale applications that aggregates data across your entire stack with more than 600 integrations for centralized visibility and faster troubleshooting on dynamic architectures. This provides developers and operations teams observability into every layer of their applications on Azure, so they diagnose performance issues quickly.

When Datadog first became an Azure Native ISV Service, it allowed customers to streamline their experience for purchasing, configuring, and managing Datadog directly inside the Azure portal. It reduced the learning curve for using Datadog to monitor the health and performance of your applications in Azure and sets customers up for a successful cloud migration or modernization.

For many customers, hybrid deployments are a durable and long-term strategy due to factors such as latency and compliance requirements, and we are committed to meeting customers wherever they are. With Azure Arc, we provide a consistent set of tools and services for customers to extend cloud technology across your distributed infrastructure. More than 12,000 customers are using Azure Arc, double the number a year ago. By partnering with organizations like Datadog, we are unlocking even more innovation and bringing Azure services into the tools our customers are already using.

Enhanced Azure Arc integration features

Features available with today’s general availability include:

Monitor the Arc connection status and agent version

Customers can easily identify any Azure Arc–enabled resources that are not in a connected state. You can also set up Datadog monitors to alert you immediately if the connection is unhealthy. Before this new integration, Azure Arc resources would look like any other virtual machine on-premises or in Azure. Now, you can access critical metadata to ensure your Azure Arc–enabled Windows and Linux servers, SQL servers, and Kubernetes clusters are secured and connected. IT operators will be able to troubleshoot much faster if a resource is disconnected and can quickly restore the connectivity to Azure Arc.


Datadog can also show which hosts are running an older version of Azure Arc. It then becomes easy to update the agent using Azure Update Management and utilize Azure Automation for latest updates to the Azure Arc agent whenever there is a new version.


Automatically add Azure tags for easy management and compliance tracking

A popular benefit of Azure Arc is using tags in Azure Resource Manager. Many organizations tag on-premises resources by cost center or datacenter server groups that are subject to specific regulations or requirements. Tags also create an audit trail to help trace the history of a particular resource and identify potential security issues when performing audits.

With the Azure Arc integration, Datadog can build rich visualizations and actionable alerts using the tags you have already created for Azure Arc–enabled resources. Now, when you perform patching or updates for Azure Arc–enabled servers, you get much richer insights to help validate software patches and troubleshoot application issues.

Easily identify which Azure Arc–enabled servers have the Datadog Agent

Azure Arc brings your hybrid and multicloud servers, Kubernetes clusters, and data services into a single dashboard for seamless management between environments. Aside from grouping resources with Azure Resource Manager, Azure Arc–enabled resources benefit from Azure role-based access control (RBAC), so different IT and developer teams can easily delegate access to their applications. For a centralized IT monitoring team, you can now ensure your Azure Arc–enabled resources have the Datadog Agent by cross-referencing these servers with agent data to get a real-time view of which Arc resources have Datadog Agent reporting.



Learn more about integrating Datadog and Azure Arc

Read more about the integration between Datadog and Azure Arc and access the Datadog’s Azure native integration service on Azure Marketplace.

Azure Marketplace offers thousands of industry-leading apps and services—all certified and optimized to run on Azure—so you can find, try, buy, and deploy the solutions you need quickly and confidently.

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