Azure GDPR resources: Unmatched focus on customer compliance needs

imageIn June 2017, we alerted you via blog post that if you have GDPR questions, Azure has answers. Through a variety of listening channels, we have collected customer GDPR feedback, and have embarked in earnest on delivering the right content to customers. As part of our unwavering commitment to GDPR compliance, Azure has been busy producing collateral to help customers with their GDPR compliance needs. Azure is unmatched in the industry when it comes to addressing customers GDPR requirements, and we encourage customers to refer to the resources below when looking for GDPR answers.

1. Contractual commitment in the Online Services Terms via the inclusion of GDPR terms.

  • The GDPR requires that a controller only use a processor that guarantees it will “implement appropriate technical and organizational measures” such that the rights of data subjects are protected and the processing requirements of the GDPR are satisfied. In the context of Azure, Microsoft is a processor and its customer is the controller. The contract agreement also covers Microsoft’s role as a subprocessor as explained in GDPR Terms (Attachment 4).

2. Azure GDPR landing page provides essential information to customers on how to get started with GDPR compliance. It also links to the updated main Microsoft GDPR landing page for additional resources.

3. Assessment tools

  • Customer tool: Online self-evaluation tool with 26 questions intended to help customers review their overall level of readiness for GDPR compliance. The tool has been translated into German, French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Partner tool: Detailed assessment tool with 125 questions partners can use for customer assessments. Questions and answers are stored in an Excel spreadsheet, with a corresponding Power BI dashboard for comprehensive visualization. The GDPR Detailed Assessment is intended to assist partners in facilitating customer assessments.

4. Technical white papers

5. Mainstream white papers

6. Partner resources

Stay tuned for additional white papers, tools, and workshops that we will be releasing in the coming months.

See a comprehensive overview of Azure compliance offerings.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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