Migrating your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure is easier than ever

Cloud computing is fundamentally changing IT and transforming businesses at an unprecedented pace. And, companies are rapidly turning to the cloud for the opportunities it brings – increased agility, faster innovation, and efficient operations, just to name a few.

The question I now most often hear from our customers is not ‘why’ should I move to the cloud, but ‘how’ do I move to the cloud. We’ve worked closely with customers like Chevron and Allscripts, who are transforming their businesses by migrating to Azure. Their experiences, along with many other customers, have confirmed the importance of a vendor who understands the need for a flexible approach to cloud migration.
With new Azure innovation and cost-saving offers, there has never been a better time to move your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure. Here’s why…

Flexible migration options with hybrid support 

Azure gives you a flexible migration path with hybrid consistency across your on-premises assets and the cloud. You don’t have to move everything all at once. Whether your business requires a hybrid state long-term or only during the migration period, Azure is hybrid by design and can support your needs.

For example, Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory can help manage security and identity across assets on-premises and in Azure. Similarly, we continue to invest in hybrid cloud capabilities in Windows Server and SQL Server. For example, the new Windows Admin center, allows you to natively administer your Windows Servers anywhere – on-premises or in Azure.

Cost-effective throughout the entire migration experience

Azure offers great value during every stage of your cloud migration journey. We offer free assessment, migration, and cost management tools to help you develop a migration plan and optimize your spending after migration. And for Windows Server and SQL Server customers, Azure is the most cost-effective cloud with the Azure Hybrid Benefit. Combined with Azure Reserved Instances, you can save up to 82%, compared to the pay-as-you-go pricing. These benefits add up to a 67% in savings compared to AWS RIs for Windows VMs.

Migrate with lower risk, higher confidence

From our decades of experience helping enterprise customers adopt new technology, we understand the challenge of migrating your business-critical investments to the cloud. That is why we have invested in the tools to help you plan, resources and tools online to keep you informed and a flexible thoughtful approach to mitigate the all-or-nothing risk. In addition, we have a worldwide footprint of Microsoft and partner experts to help you.

Allscripts, a provider of health practice management and electronic health record technology, recently migrated to Azure after a time of rapid growth for their company.

“When you experience periods of sudden growth through acquisitions, like Allscripts has, you need a flexible cloud partner like Microsoft. Tools like Azure Site Recovery have helped us quickly, reliably, and securely migrate several hundred business critical workloads – including Linux, MySQL, Windows, and SQL Server,” says Peter Tomlinson, Director, Information Systems and Technology Operations, Allscripts.

Get started with Azure migration by visiting the Azure migration center for guidance or for connecting with a migration expert.  And to learn more about Azure’s migration capabilities from our Azure engineering leaders Rohan Kumar and Corey Sanders, register for this webcast on May 17, 2018. 

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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