Microsoft and BETTER Mobile collaborate to streamline conditional access from iOS and Android devices

Microsoft and BETTER Mobile are delighted to announce a collaboration to streamline mobile threat defense (MTD) on iOS and Android devices to protect Microsoft 365 users. BETTER Mobile provides organizations a solution that fits cleanly into existing workflows by seamlessly integrating with existing mobile management and security solutions, such as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). This partnership allows organizations to help users stay secure and productive on their favorite apps and devices, by simplifying how only trusted devices are allowed to access company resources.

BETTER Mobile Security and Microsoft EMS team up to deliver a unified, comprehensive, and intelligent mobile security solution

Administrators can provision the BETTER ActiveShield application for users using the Microsoft Intune console to quickly manage the security posture of mobile devices. Once installed, BETTER ActiveShield protects from application threats, device vulnerabilities, network threats, behavioral anomalies, and OS vulnerabilities.

This new integration streamlines the application of deep learningbased BETTER Mobile Threat Defense technology as an additional input into Intunes device compliance settings for EMS conditional access evaluation. Organizations can configure conditional access policies based on the security posture of the device as notified by BETTER ActiveShield to Intune. When a threat is detected, BETTER ActiveShield notifies Intune to mark the device as noncompliant and trigger the appropriate conditional access controls, ensuring that company data stays protected. Once the threat is mitigated, the device compliance status is updated, and access is reinstated. BETTER ActiveShield also provides phishing protection from all communication channels by analyzing the content layer.

Infographic illustrating how Microsoft Intune and BETTER Mobile team up to streamline device-risk based conditional access for Microsoft 365 endpoints.

This integration will be generally available to all tenants over the next few days. Check out the Intune documentation for more details on how it works.

Special offer: BETTER Mobile is providing Microsoft Intune customers 50 mobile device licenses of their product. Learn more about this offer and the BETTER Mobile Security solution at

Please note, any necessary licenses for BETTER Mobile products must be purchased separately from EMS licenses.

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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