Introducing RMS sharing app for Windows

First published on CloudBlogs on Aug, 09 2013

Hi folks,

We’re excited to announce the RC release of the Microsoft Rights Management sharing app for Windows. Shubha is a Program Manager on the team and she’ll explain this to you further.

Hello, this is Shubha. RMS sharing app for Windows (formerly known as IP Viewer) is a user-driven app which allows users to protect and consume any file format. It uses the power of File API which supports automated protection and enhances the Generic Protection ecosystem by protecting all file formats.

Some of the new features in this release are:

  • Protect any file with user-authored permissions in-place.

  • Protect and share any file via email.

  • Generic protection for any file type, including Office and PDF files.

  • Allow Office 2010 to work with Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management.

  • Adds new buttons to the Office toolbar for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, so you can protect and share your files from within Office.

You can download the app from



You can also take a look at our documentation


. You can send us your feedback and comments




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