Customizing Azure Blueprints to accelerate AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds major potential for healthcare, from predicting the patient length of stays to diagnostic imaging, anti-fraud, and many more use cases. To be successful in using AI, healthcare needs solutions, not projects. Learn how you can close the gap to your AI in healthcare solution by accelerating your initiative using Microsoft Azure blueprints.

To rapidly acquire new capabilities and implement new solutions, healthcare IT and developers can now take advantage of industry-specific Azure Blueprints. Blueprints include resources such as example code, test data, security, and compliance support. These are packages that include reference architectures, guidance, how-to guides, and other documentation, as well as executable code and sample test data built around a key use case of interest to healthcare organizations. Blueprints also contain components to support privacy, security, and compliance initiatives, including threat models, security controls, responsibility matrices, and compliance audit reports.

You can learn more by attending the Accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare using Microsoft Azure Blueprints Webcast – Part 2: Customization. Building on the introduction of Microsoft Azure Blueprints webcast, this session dives in deeper focusing on customizing the blueprints to your unique needs and organization. This session is intended for healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and life science organizations. Key roles include senior technical decision makers, IT Managers, Cloud Architects, and developers.

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We invite you to register or watch the Accelerating AI in Healthcare using Microsoft Azure Blueprints Webcast – Part 2: Customization on demand.

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