Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports maintenance scheduling

As customer build their mission-critical analytics solutions using Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW), Microsoft's fast, flexible and secure analytics platform, we want to ensure that we give them greater control over the management of their workloads.

Today we are excited to announce a preview of scheduled maintenance for Azure SQL DW. This new feature seamlessly integrates the Service Health Planned Maintenance Notifications, Resource Health Check Monitor and the Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance scheduling service. Customers can now choose a preferred maintenance window based on their business requirements, giving them the flexibility to select times when system maintenance is to be performed.

With the power of these combined services and the new functionality developed by the Azure SQL DW, the team provides a predictable and stable service upgrade and maintenance experience. Azure SQL Warehouse now gives you the tools you need to plan around this necessary service maintenance and minimize the impact on your day to day operations. You can learn more about how to use this function.

The new functionality can be accessed via your data warehouse overview blade and a new the resource menu option.


Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance scheduling is now available in the following regions:

  • Brazil South
  • West Central US
  • Australia Central 1
  • Australia Central 2
  • East Asia
  • India West
  • Canada East
  • Southeast Asia

Also, we are working to add this feature to the rest of Azure SQL DW regions. You can learn more about the Azure SQL DW innovations:

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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