Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 now supports lower compute tiers

Microsoft is helping drive down the entry-level cost of running a data warehouse capable of handling demanding queries by adding lower compute tiers for the blazing fast Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2. Customers can experience Azure SQL Data Warehouse’s leading performance, flexibility, and security features starting with 100 cDWU (Data Warehouse Units) and scale to 30,000 cDWU in minutes. Starting mid-December 2018, customers can benefit from Gen2 performance and flexibility with lower compute tiers in 15 regions, with remaining regions available during 2019.

By dropping the entry point for next-generation data warehousing, Microsoft opens the doors to value-driven customers who want to evaluate all the benefits of a secure, high-performance data warehouse without guessing which trial environment is best for them. Customers will be able to start as low as 100 cDWU, down from the current 500 cDWU entry point. SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 continues to support pause and resume operations and goes beyond just the flexibility in compute. Gen2 also supports unlimited column-store storage capacity along with 2.5 times more memory per query, up to 128 concurrent queries and adaptive caching features bringing experiences on average of 5 times more performance compared to the same Data Warehouse Unit on Gen1 at the same price. Geo-redundant backups are standard for Gen2 with built-in guaranteed data protection. Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 is ready to scale when you are.

Getting started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2

Customers can choose to deploy a new Gen2 instance or upgrade an existing Gen1 data warehouse instance to experience the flexibility and performance of next generation data warehousing.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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