Announcing Azure Backup support to move Recovery Services vaults

A Recovery Services vault is an Azure Resource Manager resource to manage your backup and disaster recovery needs natively in the cloud. Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability support of the move functionality for recovery services vaults. With this feature you can migrate a vault between subscriptions and resource groups with a few steps, in minimal downtime and without any data-loss of old backups. You can move a Recovery Services vault and retain recovery points of protected virtual machines (VMs) to restore to any point in time later.

Key benefits

  1. Flexibility to move across subscriptions and resource groups: You can move the vault across resource groups and subscriptions. This is very helpful in scenarios like expiry of old subscription, moving from an Enterprise Agreement to Cloud Solution Provider subscription, organizational and departmental changes, or separation between QA environment and production environment.
  2. No impact to old restore points and settings in the vault: Post migration, all the settings, backup policies, and configurations in the vault are retained, including all backup and recovery points created in the past inside the vault.
  3. Restore support independent of the VM in the old subscription: You can restore from retained backup history in the vault regardless of whether the VM is moved with the vault or not to the target subscription.

For step-by-step guidance on moving your recovery services vaults, refer the documentation, “Move a Recovery Services vault across Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups.”

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