Get ready for Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

Early this Saturday morning—while it’s still Friday in many parts of the world—people will gather at several locations in New Zealand to kick off Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 to learn about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing.

Truly global

Throughout the day, thousands more will attend these free events to expand their knowledge about Azure using a variety of formats as chosen by each location. As Saturday makes its way around the globe, more people will gather in groups of 5 to 500 at hundreds of other locations to do the same until the final locations on the west coast of North America get underway. Chances are, there’s a location near you. Check out the map to find your local event.

Global Azure Bootcamp is a 100 percent community-driven event driven by MVPs, regional directors, and user group leaders around the world working in collaboration to deliver the largest one-day, global Azure event.

Learn more about Global Azure Bootcamp from this recent episode of Azure Friday, in which Scott Hanselman spoke with Global Azure Bootcamp co-founder and Azure MVP, Magnus Mårtensson:

Get ready for Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

Science lab

This year, the organizers teamed up once again with the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias in Tenerife, Spain in the Canary Islands to provide those seeking a real-world challenge with a science lab to systematically analyze data from NASA’s new Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) using a machine learning (ML) algorithm to help search for new planets from millions of stellar light curves.

TESS is an MIT-led NASA mission, an all-sky survey for transiting exoplanets. Transiting planets are those that go in front of the star as seen from the telescope and, to date, is the most successful discovery technique for finding small exoplanets.TESS

You can monitor the Science Lab Dashboard to track the progress of your deployment and how is performing, comparing with other community members around the world. For more information, see The IAC, re-elected to the Science Lab of Microsoft's Azure computer network.


Global Azure Bootcamp organizers work closely with Microsoft to ensure both bellies and brains are well fed with free lunches at many locations. Global Azure Bootcamp is also sponsored by CloudMonix, Serverless360, JetBrains, RevDeBug, Skill Me Up, Kemp, Progate, and Enzo Online.

See you Saturday!

Scott Hanselman, Partner Program Manager at Microsoft noted, "If you've been looking for an excuse to learn about Azure, you should take advantage of this free opportunity to grab lunch while you learn about the cloud without having to travel far from home. Heck, you may even help discover a new exoplanet. That's not a bad way to spend a Saturday."

And if you can’t join us at one of the hundreds of events on Saturday, check out the Global Online Azure Bootcamp that’ll take stream throughout the day on YouTube and be sure to follow #GlobalAzure on Twitter throughout the day.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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