Announcing service monitor alliances for Azure Deployment Manager

Stylized image of a cloud.Azure Deployment Manager is a new set of features for Azure Resource Manager that greatly expands your deployment capabilities. If you have a complex service that needs to be deployed to several regions, if you’d like greater control over when your resources are deployed in relation to one another, or if you’d like to limit your customer’s exposure to bad updates by catching them while in progress, then Deployment Manager is for you. Deployment Manager allows you to perform staged rollouts of resources, meaning they are deployed region by region in an ordered fashion.

During Microsoft Build 2019, we announced that Deployment Manager now supports integrated health checks. This means that as your rollout proceeds, Deployment Manager will integrate with your existing service health monitor, and if during deployment unacceptable health signals are reported from your service, the deployment will automatically stop and allow you to troubleshoot.

In order to make health integration as easy as possible, we’ve been working with some of the top service health monitoring companies to provide you with a simple copy/paste solution to integrate health checks with your deployments. If you’re not already using a health monitor, these are great solutions to start with:

Datadog's logo. The logo for Site 24x7. Wavefront's logo.
Datadog, the leading monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments. See how Datadog integrates with Azure Deployment Manager. Site24x7, the all-in-one private and public cloud services monitoring solution. See how Site24x7 integrates with Azure Deployment Manager. Wavefront, the monitoring and analytics platform for multi-cloud application environments. See how Wavefront integrates with Azure Deployment Manager.

These service monitors provide a simple copy/paste solution to integrate with Azure Deployment Manager’s health integrated rollout feature, allowing you to easily prevent bad updates from having far reaching impact across your user base. Stay tuned for Azure Monitor integration, which is coming soon.

Additionally, Azure Deployment Manager no longer requires sign-up for use, and is now completely open to the public!

To get started, check out the tutorial “Use Azure Deployment Manager with Resource Manager templates (Public preview)” or the documentation “Enable safe deployment practices with Azure Deployment Manager (Public preview)”.  If you want to try out the health integration feature, check out the tutorial “Use health check in Azure Deployment Manager (Public preview)” for an end to end walkthrough.

We’re excited to have you give Azure Deployment Manager a try, and, as always, we are listening to your feedback.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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