Gain real-time insights on SAP ERP data with Azure and Qlik Data Integration

For companies worldwide, SAP is at the core of their business applications—housing critical information on sales, manufacturing, and financial processes. Organizations increasingly need granular, real-time visibility about their business by combining SAP ERP data with other data from their different lines of business. To enable everyone in the organization to gain real-time insights from their SAP data and make optimized business decisions, we announced a joint offer with Qlik Data Integration (formerly Attunity) that brings Azure Synapse, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik Data Integration together for end-to-end supply chain intelligence, finance analytics, and more.

The proof-of-value offer

With this new offer, customers can now work with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and Qlik Data Integration to easily understand how to enable real-time insights on SAP data through a robust proof of value. For the two week duration of the joint proof-of-value offer, we will provide customers with a free solution architecture workshop, software subscriptions, and hands-on technical expertise from dedicated personnel and resources from both Microsoft and Qlik Data Integration.

White text on black background: Azure Synapse and Qlik Data Integration and Power BI Free proof of value for SAP.

The business value

The combination of Azure Synapse and Qlik Data Integration enables leaders to connect directly to their SAP ERP data in real-time. This accelerated path results in organizations having an analytics-ready solution in the easiest and fasted way possible.

Black background white text, gain real-time insights on SAP data.

The technical value

Using its proprietary technology, Qlik Data Integration quickly maps SAP business processes and effortlessly creates Azure Synapse schemas and calculations. This enables organizations to go from raw data to quicky discovering actionable insights in Azure Synapse.

Qlik Replicate provides change data capture (CDC) capabilities that move data in real-time through a simple graphical interface that completely automates end-to-end replication. This allows data engineers to easily set up, control, and monitor data pipelines with ease, keeping records in real-time, and in constant sync between SAP and Azure Synapse.

Qlik Compose automatically transforms SAP processes and apps that Azure Synapse can instantly understand. Easily click, drag, and drop SAP schemas into the data warehouse structure so that they’re ready for analytics.

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